Importance of heredity and environment in teaching learning process

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importance of heredity and environment in teaching learning process

and Environment. Environment; Laws of Heredity; Importance; Role of Teacher . a teaching plan. Heredity tells about the difference in learning process.

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The biological or psychological characteristics which are transmitted by the parents to their off-springs are known by the name of heredity. Heredity is, in other words, a biological process of transmission of certain traits of behaviour of the parents to their children, by means of the fertilized egg. Heredity traits are innate; they are present at birth. The human individual is the progeny of two parent cells that come together when a male sperm fertilizes a female egg. The chromosomes contain chemical substances called genes. These basic substances, chromosomes and genes determine characteristics of the individual.

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Very useful in preparation for my presentation on basic terms in growth and development. I appreciate. Only I can change my life. The influence of heredity and environment on the development of an individual has very significant role. In some cases heredity may overpower development and in certain other cases environment may very strongly influence growth and development. It is because of this difference, individuals differ in physique, character and other personality traits. For the balanced and harmonious development of an individual, a balanced and harmonious interaction between heredity and environment is very essential.

Both heredity and environment have important roles to play in shaping the personality of an individual. In psychology, this has been called as the nature vs nurture debate. Nature refers to the innate tendencies of the individual caused by the fact that he belongs to a particular family and has inherited the genes and mannerisms of his family and he has also some inborn qualities. Of this, the traits he has inherited are a very influential factor in his development. Our physical structure, color of our eyes, height, even mannerisms are inherited. It has been found that a child receives 23 pairs of chromosomes from his parents, 23 from mother and 23 from father. Genes present in these chromosomes are transferred from parents to the offspring.

The Role Of Heredity And Environment On Learning Theory

Heredity and Environment

Heredity and Environment: Meaning and Effects

Heredity Means: Like presents, like children. From this angle if parents are intelligent then children will also be intelligent. Thus a dog gives birth to a dog, a human being gives birth to a human being. There are some laws of heredity, whose study is necessary. The laws have been propounded by Mendal after various experiments. These laws are as under. Role of Teacher Heredity and Environment have great role in education.

Heredity and Environment

Disclaimer:- Information contained on this website is only for general information purposes. Any reliance you place on it is therefore strictly at your own risk. Both heredity and environment play important role in the development of the personality. When the son of a dacoit is found to be behaving like a dacoit, it is a case of heredity dominating the environment. Meaning of Heredity A cat gives birth to a kitten, a cow to a calf and human being to a baby.

The question is this: How can we distinguish between the environmental causes of behavior and heredity causes? This question embodies the nature-nurture issue. John B. Watson argued that each is made, not born. He discounted the importance of heredity, maintaining that behavior is managed entirely by the environment.




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