Daniel young and the restless

Daniel Romalotti Jr. and Lily Winters

daniel young and the restless

Daniel & Amber Are Married

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They divorced to to his pornography addiction. In , after Daniel's mother Phyllis was deemed an unfit mother, he was whisked off by his father Danny to a Swiss boarding school to where he was forced to grow up - and fast. Although it took a lot of mending, Daniel and his mother were able to put the past behind them and managed to become close, even after he found out that Danny Romalotti wasn't his biological father. Daniel became friends with Colleen, Lily and Sierra and went on to volunteer at the new Rec Center where he fell hard for Mackenzie Browning. The two became close until Mac found out that Daniel was younger than he had let on, leaving Mac to break off their budding romance.

Daniel Romalotti Jr. Daniel was portrayed by Michael Graziadei from and Lily has been portrayed by Christel Khalil since , and formally by Davetta Sherwood in Daniel and Lily first met in while at the Crimson Lights coffee house. The pair became friends, but soon Daniel became involved in a plot with Kevin Fisher to drug Lily. The following year the two became involved in a romantic relationship, which their mothers did not approve of due to their rivalry with each other and they made every attempt to keep them apart. In During a party in the woods, which Cassie was not supposed to be at but lied to her parents so she could go.

A native of Sydney, Australia, Goddard was working on a finance degree when he decided to pursue a career in acting. Goddard left Australia in , and spent two years working on archaeological digs in Mongolia, Tunisia, Liberia and Portugal. In , he returned to the U. In his spare time, he enjoys mechanical engineering, quantitative mathematics and construction. Cane Ashby. Hometown: Sydney Birthday: August 28 A native of Sydney, Australia, Goddard was working on a finance degree when he decided to pursue a career in acting.

The role had most notably been portrayed by Michael Graziadei from to Daniel's major storylines have included a love story and marriage with Lily Winters Christel Khalil , Davetta Sherwood , of which their parents disapproved, as well as being married to Amber Moore Adrienne Frantz. The character was first portrayed by twins Desiree and Hannah Wheel from to , after which Michael McElroy took over the recurring role from to Chase MacKenzie Bebak portrayed Daniel from to , followed by Roland Gibbons, who had a brief stint until the character was written out. Subsequently, the character was rapidly aged , with Cam Gigandet assuming the role on March 10,

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    Daniel Romalotti is a fictional character on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless. The role had most notably been portrayed by Michael Graziadei.

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    The actor reveals he's been written off the canvas for the foreseeable future.

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    Daniel Romalotti Jr. is a fictional character on The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Michael Graziadei. Daniel Romalotti was the birth son of Brian Hamilton and Phyllis Summers. Danny remarried Phyllis after little baby Daniel became ill.

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