Difference between usted and tu

What is the difference between Tu and Usted?

difference between usted and tu

When and How to Use Usted in Spanish [Tu vs Usted / Informal vs Formal]

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If you are learning Spanish in school or trying to learn it by yourself you may be confused and wondering what is the difference between usted and ustedes. If that is the case, then today I will lay out for you the difference between these 2 Spanish pronouns. When I say formal, I mean that usted is used as a sign of respect when addressing:. So, when do you use ustedes in Spanish conversation? Ustedes can be used for these groups types:. For the purpose of this post , we will focus on a few Spanish verbs using present tense.

The good news is that this subject can be just as vexing for Spanish speakers. The answers vary and depend on personalities, regions and the subtleties of the situation. The most perfect Spanish speaker in the world is bound to offend someone at some point due to these levels of formality. On the other hand, the distinction can also be one of the pleasures of Spanish. Each subject pronoun also has a different corresponding object pronoun , just like the English third-person:.

How and when these two words are used changes depending on the country. For example, to use usted in Spain is way more unusual than in South American countries! Once you learn the meanings and contexts in which they are used, you will be able to choose according to the specific person you are talking to, no matter where you are. Keep on reading! The level of formality.

The sierra region of Ecuador Cuenca and Quito is quite formal — often defaulting to the formal. Watch on YouTube. Another Spanish lesson: Learn how to say the letters and sounds in Spanish. You can ask individuals what they prefer. Or just listen for how the locals address each other in public settings. Tagged as: spanish. Bryan Haines is co-editor of GringosAbroad - Ecuador's largest blog for expats and travelers.

Usted is the formal way of saying you. You use this when you are talking to teachers, bosses, strangers, basically anyone that you would show respect to. Usted es una maestra. You are a teacher. Usted es el mejor. You are the best. You would use this whenever talking to friends or anyone that seems to be younger or the same age as you.

Tu vs. Usted: Navigating the Vexing Distinctions of Formality in Spanish

Learn Spanish - Tu or Usted?

TU vs. USTED (UD): When to use them in Spanish




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