Pacific time and central time

Difference Between Central Time Zone & Pacific Time Zone

pacific time and central time

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Before worldwide, legally mandated time zones were introduced, every town kept its own local time. Today, time zones establish order and allow national and international systems to operate, but we have maintained a fragmented time map in large countries. In the U. The Pacific Time Zone lies along the western coast of North America, reaching north from the lower 48 states of the U. The western border of the Central Time Zone begins at the northwestern edge of North Dakota and extends jaggedly down to the northwestern edge of Texas, while the eastern edge descends from Lake Michigan in Indiana down through Florida along the line of the Georgia-Alabama border.

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The Central Standard Time is based on the mean solar time of the 90th meridian west of the Greenwich Observatory. Central Standard Time is observed during the winter months. There are areas which do not follow daylight saving time. In these areas Central Standard Time is observed year-around. Time and Date. Current Central Time.

The time zone list is a named list whose names are the character strings that are recognized when you convert strings to time objects, and whose elements are the corresponding time zone objects. See the documentation for class timeZone. The timeZoneList function provides an easy way for the user to define the character strings to use for input of given time zones, and to define user-defined time zones for use in timeDate objects. The timeZoneList function has the following behavior: If no arguments are given, the current time zone list is returned. If a single list is given as the argument, its named components are added to the time zone list. If multiple named arguments are given, they are added to the list. In either of the two latter cases, the elements to be added to the list must be time zone objects.

By Kristin Kendle. Which timezone is Seattle in? The short answer is that the Emerald City is in the Pacific Time Zone, but for some more facts about which other area cities are in the Pacific Time Zone with Seattle and other time zone trivia, read on! While some states have a timezone divide within their borders, all of Washington State is in the Pacific Time Zone, as are Oregon and California. Northern Idaho and Nevada are also on Pacific Time, so you can travel pretty far and wide in Western states without having to deal with a time change. Click here to find out.

In Mexico , the corresponding time zone is known as the Zona Noroeste Northwest Zone and observes the same daylight saving schedule as the U. The largest city in the Pacific Time Zone is Los Angeles ; the Los Angeles metropolitan area is the largest metropolitan area in the zone. Effective in the U. The Canadian provinces and territories that use daylight time each adopted these dates between October and February In Mexico, beginning in , the portion of the country in this time zone uses the extended dates, as do some other parts. The vast majority of Mexico, however, still uses the old dates. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Which timezone are Seattle and other Northwest cities in?

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