Frank and wanda in the morning

VIDEO: In the studio with Frank and Wanda their first morning back

frank and wanda in the morning

Wanda Smith: 'I Felt Attacked By Katt Williams'

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By The Atlanta Voice on January 03, Radio personality Wanda Smith has been fired from V Photo: Twitter. Both personalities were longstanding co-hosts with Frank-Ski with large loyal followings. Smith had been with the station for more than two decades and co-hosted the show with Ryan Cameron until he left one year ago. Sophia enjoyed nearly five years in the game at V Normally, the popular station declines to remark on the rationale for any termination.

Wanda Smith. First, she was publicly roasted by Katt Williams on her own radio show. But in all honesty, we knew she was hurt before she ever said it.
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Wanda Smith, the radio host who got into a spat with Kat Williams that spurned into an alleged gun pulling situation, has gotten the boot. The two hosts were part of the original morning show that returned in Why were you said, because of the part you played in the situation or because you see the writing on the wall for you. You also said that you will always be a friend. Is this something new that you are trying, because you have not shown yourself to be a friend to me from the first day I met you back in early

'Frank and Wanda in the Morning' Coming Back to V-103 Atlanta

Congratulations to Derek Shirley of Conyers!!! How about that for a combo meal?!?

Wanda Smith’s Husband Pulls Gun on Katt Williams

He said he felt like he was pressing the "reset" button. Ski has been filling on weekends since after departing the station in late Smith worked with Ryan Cameron - now at branding firm Rakanter - since And Miss Sophia real name Joe Taylor returns for the first time in nearly eight years. Ski re-introduced his Inspirational Vitamin, his daily spiritual note.

Frank Ski and Wanda Smith were back in the studio today at V and didn't miss a beat. The place was bedazzled with feather boas, fake diamonds, and what seemed to be every balloon in Atlanta. Frank Ski and Dr. Patrice Basanta-Henry's beautiful wedding. Wanda said she's looking forward to "pulling the city back together again," by taking on serious topics, although Monday's banter was pretty lighthearted: mourning over Idris Elba's engagement, and whether guys should get flowers for Valentine's Day. Frank says yes. Wanda says no.


Hour one of V-103's return of 'Frank and Wanda in the Morning'







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    Several reports have alleged that Wanda Smith’s husband pulled up on the controversial comic and pulled out a gun on him. Wanda fired shots at Katt over his hair and arrest record and that’s when the gloves came off. Wanda and Williams crossed paths again the next night at the.

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    VIDEO: In the studio with Frank and Wanda their first morning back

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