Sephora makeover before and after

11 secrets Sephora employees don't tell you

sephora makeover before and after

Sephora Custom Makeovers & Mini Makeovers

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Being a woman of color has its share of problems, and for BuzzFeed staffer Nina Mohan , one of those includes makeup. She calls herself "woefully makeup stupid," but beyond that, being a woman of color often means getting "pigeonholed" into using certain colors, like purple and gold, or having to mix foundation colors to get the right match. Mohan wanted to see how professional makeup artists would do giving her a "glam," "bold," "evening" makeover, so she went to five different makeup counters and documented the process. While Nina liked the silvery shadow the makeup artist used on her eyes, she wasn't really feeling the foundation. On the flip side, at Sephora, she got a makeup look she loved so much that she wanted to keep it forever. To see the rest of Nina's makeover looks, head over to BuzzFeed.

Ok listen how cool this is–after your makeover, Sephora will send you what's called Check out my unedited before and after photos below.
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This will be my first time wearing and getting a makeover so I'm going to Sephora to get it done what will I expect from this. I've done a couple and have always had a great experience. Always go in with a game plan, at least some basic idea of what you'd like full glam? The makeovers I've had done generally start with skin prep, almost like a mini-facial, and I actually enjoy this step maybe more than the makeover itself I'm a skincare junkie so trying out new products is always a bonus!

Are you a makeup artist like me and feel intrigued by what another artist creates on your face? Could also be that mom-life has cut some of my makeovers down by half. But I seriously think seeing what another person decides to enhance and perfect on my everyday canvas is quite the experience. The red-headed beauty miss Becca did an amazing job! Becca is super sweet, has the greatest laugh and her makeup skills are pretty exceptional. You can really tell she has a passion for what she does and I absolutely loved being able to pick that up so easily when meeting her!

I Got My Makeup Done At Sephora!

When I say the words "holiday makeup," you likely conjure up one very specific image: Perfect skin. Red lips. And you can never have too much glitter.

For Anyone Who Is Low Maintenance, Makeovers At Sephora Are Well Worth The $50 In Products

I love makeup and living in New York there is a Sephora every few blocks. What that is, is someone helping you with just one portion of your makeup routine. I always choose someone showing me how they do eyeshadow. I recently become a Beauty Insider Rewards member with my last makeover. You know that question they ask when you buy things and you always say no to it.







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    Also, note that makeovers are only offered at stand-alone Sephora "You are trained when you are first hired, of course, then the rest of the.

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    Confession: I am a Sephora VIB Rouge member. But until December 30th, I have that shiny red membership card for Sephora. One of the perks that was most intriguing was “unlimited access to the beauty studio”, which translates to unlimited free makeovers.

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    A Sephora employee tells all.

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