Best time of year to visit canadian rockies and alaska

When Is The Best Time To Visit Banff National Park And The Rocky Mountains

best time of year to visit canadian rockies and alaska

CANADIAN ROCKIES Travel Guide: Essential Tips - Little Grey Box

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Canada is a four season country, no doubt about it. They embrace every season full on, even some of the harshest winters. They are out there, adventurous, adrenalin filled and astonishing. However, when working out the best time to go to Canada, it starts getting complex. Six time zones complex. Read more below.

Experience Alaska and Canada at its absolute best! The good news is that you can travel to Canada and Alaska at any time of the year, as all seasons are beautiful in their own unique way. However, Summer time is the most popular time to visit both destinations and there are so many reasons why. In this blog, our travel expert Leah will share why the best time of year to visit Canada and Alaska is during the summer months. Alaska is located in the north-western part of Canada. Being in close proximity to each other, both destinations have similar climates. However, there is a drastic change in the summer months.

I am born and raised in British Columbia , but shamefully have not explored my home turf much at all. When a chance came up to visit Lake Louise and Banff, I jumped on it. Not only was it to visit this region which is in Alberta, right at the BC border but it was to arrive by train on the Rocky Mountaineer. As a photographer and as a rational human being, there was no way I would turn down this trip. I chose to arrive at the start of fall rather than the height of summer. It proved to be one of the best decisions I could have made.

When to go to Canada

Canadian Rockies Travel Guide - Canada's Most Beautiful Place To Visit

When is the best time to visit Canada?

My husband and I are considering an Alaskan cruise and coach tour of the Rockies next year. We are wondering when would be the best time time to visit. We would appreciate some advise. Mid to late June will give you great wildlife viewing in the valleys as the alpine regions will still be snow covered, and the snow capped mountains are beautiful. Days are also long at that time and the glacial lakes will be thawed. We travelled early June and have no regrets for doing so.

My fellow travellers, I hope this guide will help you plan the trip through the Canadian Rockies you have always dreamed about. It's been more than two years since I moved to Canada and Oh Canada! If I would only know how beautiful you were! I would have probably moved into your mountains long time ago. So I stayed and calling Canada my second home. That's correct, the hiking season in the Canadian Rockies is very very short.

The best time to visit Canada is during the summer months, when sunny days and pleasant temperatures are the norm. Coastal regions are usually more temperate than prairie provinces, and mountain ranges attract higher rainfall and snow in some areas than others. Springtime, which starts in late April through to early June, can also be a delightful time of year to visit. Gradual snow melt reveals forests and wildflowers, while Canadian wildlife re-emerges from the long winter hibernation. September is considered the peak of the salmon run, attracting large numbers of bears. It also marks the start of autumn, with spectacular fall foliage lasting into October. Start planning your tailor-made trip by calling one of our Canada specialists on

Some people think about a train trip to the Canadian Rockies for years before they do it. Others decide on the spur of the moment to take the train and make plans on their way to the airport well, almost. While both methods work, some advance planning increases your odds of getting what you want and having a stress free, rewarding experience. May is the most popular month to travel because winter is over and train prices are lower than they will be in June, July, August and September. Banff is situated at an altitude of m feet and Lake Louise is situated at an altitude of m feet. Lake Louise thaws, on average, about June



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