I had a root canal and the tooth broke

Tooth broke off 2 days after root canal

i had a root canal and the tooth broke

How to fix a broken front tooth the SAME DAY!

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With proper care brushing, flossing, diet, and regular dental visits a tooth with a root canal can last a long time. Root canal teeth are still susceptible to cavities, and good oral care and regular visits to the dentist are important. Root canal teeth are also more brittle, and generally back teeth need a crown after a root canal so the tooth will not break. Your dentist can best advise you about your root canal therapy. The most important aspect is to have the tooth properly restored after the root canal procedure.

Get ready for great dental health! Call or Send an Appointment Request. Thank you for your submission. A staff member from our office will be contact with you within the next business day. Some patients of Michael Z. Hopkins ask him why their tooth cracked after a root canal. If it happens to you, you may be suffering from a cracked tooth syndrome.

Unlike teeth with fractures that are clearly noticeable, the fractures in cracked tooth syndrome are too small for your dentist to spot, even in dental x-rays. The crack may even be present below the gum line. Additionally, teeth that have undergone root canal treatment are weaker than your other teeth, making them more inclined to crack. The symptoms of cracked tooth syndrome can come and go. You may experience pain or a feeling of pressure when you bite down in certain ways, or when you eat specific foods.

It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! Broken tooth. What are my options? Haven't been to the dentist in years. What can they do?

The subtle indications your dentist knows to look for. If you suspect problems, what should your next step be? While the root canal therapy that's been performed for your tooth will hopefully last you a lifetime, complications and treatment failures can and do occur. This may even take place with teeth that have an established history of providing you with years, or even decades, of successful service. This page outlines clinical signs and symptoms that are frequently associated with failed endodontic therapy. That includes both indications that you the patient may notice, and also the more subtle hints that are often only obvious to the trained eyes of a dentist. Following that discussion, this page also explains what your next steps should be if you suspect problems.


ROOT CANAL up close & personal!

How long will my tooth last after root canal therapy?

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