Parks and rec john mccain

Ms. Knope Goes to Washington

parks and rec john mccain

Aug 21, PARKS AND RECREATION, Senator John McCain, Amy Poehler Who knew Senator John McCain had such a knack for comedy?.

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Parks and Recreation. Sorry, video is no longer available. The Cones of Dunshire. All the Waffles. From Script to Screen.

Knope Goes to Washington " is the season premiere of the fifth season of the American comedy television series Parks and Recreation , and the 69th overall episode of the series. Leslie is thrilled to be in the capitol and also hopes to secure federal funding to clean the Pawnee River, but her optimism is dulled when she is unable to meet with anyone at the United States Department of the Interior , resulting in her proposal being tossed into a giant pile with numerous other unread proposals. Tom Aziz Ansari and Ann Rashida Jones have long since broken up, but pretend to still be a couple and even live together just so they don't have to endure teasing at work and Tom does not want to lose a bet about how long the relationship will last to Donna Retta. Ann finds the ruse difficult because of Tom's stupidity, such as putting glitter into the laundry which ruined Ann's entire wardrobe. Ben invites Leslie to a cocktail party, but she is intimidated by the numerous beautiful and powerful women Lauren White and Jessica Hansen that Ben must work with every day and feels that her being elected to city council is feeble compared to their positions of power.

Leslie arrived in D.
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By Tim Donnelly. Leslie Knope must be the envy of every striving small-town politician in the country. The show announced Thursday that Michelle Obama will make a cameo on the one-hour season finale April The role will surely be related to her healthy-eating campaign, since the fictional town of Pawnee is as notorious for its obesity rate as it is for its raccoon problem. In fact, the scene came about because Gingrich happened to be at the restaurant when the crew arrived to film that scene.

In a video released by NBC, Senator McCain discussed why he chose to participate in the episode, and reflected on some of his other TV cameos from years gone by. McCain shared that he's a big fan of "Parks" and its star Amy Poehler. I'm a fan, it's hilarious," he said. And of course, Amy [Poehler] is such a talented actress. My experience with her goes back to hosting 'Saturday Night Live' a long time ago," he recalled.

Amy Poehler is finally opening up about McCain's upcoming guest-starring spot on Parks and Recreation. Find out what Amy told us about Zach Galifianakis being a married man! He was so game and funny. He has a great sense of humor about himself. He was great. Is Mitt Romney's son coming to New Girl? Check out photos from last night's event in our Hollywood party pics gallery!

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