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zac brown band jekyll and hyde

Describing the album's direction, Zac told Rolling Stone earlier this year that it will have "things that people will expect and things that they don't." "Homegrown".

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After hearing two of the record's tracks, "Homegrown" and "Heavy Is the Head," it's safe to say that fans can expect the band's signature sound, as well as something a little different, playing into the disc's title. Jekyll and Mr. The story follows a London-based lawyer who investigates strange occurrences between his old friend, Dr. Henry Jekyll, and the evil Edward Hyde, focusing on the fight of good vs. So we got one of the best rock photographers of all time, Danny Clinch, to shoot the video, and one of his guys came up with the two colored eyes.

Ever since , when the Zac Brown Band made its first overtures toward the country mainstream, it has stealthily tried to remake the genre from within. But as those stages became larger, the Zac Brown Band became less interesting. Brown is, at best, a meaty, un-nuanced singer, and the less complex the song, the fewer places he had to hide. As the Zac Brown Band churned, mainstream country was changing, finally. For the group, that was a win and a loss: Country has become more diverse and open-eared, but not necessarily in ways that benefit the Zac Brown Band. Rather than follow the hip-hop hybrids of the day, the album offers a huge amalgam of soft rock, country-rock, hard rock, heavyish metal, big band music, bluegrass and, yes, a touch of electronic music.

There's a difference, one that's underlined with several, very non-country songs on their fourth studio album. The swinging big band song is reminiscent of another era, one that's so old, it's cool again. This straight-up pop song would slide easily between any two on Hot radio. Heavy electronic beats and the absence of the band's harmonies allow this song to stand out. There's nothing organic about it.

Zac Brown Band Jekyll & Hyde [Full Album]. dazdnconfsd; 10 videos Zac Brown Band - Loving You Easy (Official Music Video). by Zac Brown.
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Brown and company know exactly where their bread is buttered: country radio. Good luck finding a more batshit succession of songs on another album that comes out this year. Whether this combination really needed to exist is another matter, but unlike virtually all of their mainstream-country contemporaries, Zac Brown Band at least refuses to continue churning out the same old formula—for better or worse. But Antonoff has proven capable of pushing other female artists into the darkest corners of their respective pop worlds, and he allows Del Rey to explore her most indulgent inclinations here. Distilled to their barest elements, the songs on this album reveal themselves not to be hollow vessels for vapid self-absorption, but frank assessments of the psychic effects of a world spiraling into chaos.

Album Review: Zac Brown Band Captures Its Onstage Madness With ‘Jekyll + Hyde’

Trigger Reviews Comments. - Nearly three years after Uncaged , which won the Grammy for Best Country Album, the Zac Brown Band unveiled the next chapter in their crossover country revolution.

It was released on April 28, The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard album chart on the week ending May 3, , earning , album-equivalent units , copies of traditional sales , making it their third number one album on the Billboard chart.




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    Zac Brown – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, programming; Coy Bowles – electric guitar, slide guitar.

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