Ed mcmahon and publishers clearing house

American Family Publishers

ed mcmahon and publishers clearing house

Remembering Ed McMahon

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The answer is surprisingly No! This effect has shocked many people who would absolutely swear that he was. But then there is an actual Ed McMahon Autobiography clip that states the same thing. CNN also made reference to his being a spokesperson for Publishers when he passed away. This is a network you would hope did a little background research. Sorry I realize that might be a silly thing to say during this current news climate. One of the bigger pieces of residual proof however is this clip in where Johnny Carson appeared on David Letterman holding a huge check and sure enough it does say Publishers Clearing House on it.

American Family Publishers was an American company that sold magazine subscriptions. It is best known for running sweepstakes in which a large amount of money was offered as the grand prize in a range of several hundred thousand to one or more million dollars. The winner was chosen at random, by a professional auditing company, from among all who responded to the sweepstakes, regardless of whether a magazine subscription was purchased. Originally based in Newark , New Jersey, then Jersey City , New Jersey, the company's tactics attracted controversy, since the mailings that accompanied the sweepstakes promotions, which invariably included a form via which the recipient could purchase magazine subscriptions, frequently included language that seemed to indicate that the recipient had already won a prize, or was a finalist who had improved chances of winning a prize, when this was not the case. In a related phenomenon connected to the company's promotion tactics, news stories reported cases of elderly Americans travelling to Florida the company, at least for some time, routed their mail through St. Most of AFP's entry envelopes had windows on the back revealing an OCR code to identify the customer and sweepstakes, as well as any magazine subscription stamps on the entry form.

I'm amazed this is happening. Is this a test for the "Powers that Be", they grabbed something as trivial as this to "test" their ability to alter history? This way when they need to change something significant they will already have the experience to succeed? This is really scary Check out Tiananmen Square, they are now saying "tank man" was never ran down by the Chinese tanks during the protest.

March 6, June 23, was an American announcer, game show host, comedian, trapeze artist, police officer, actor and singer. In the s and 80s, he anchored the team of NBC personalities conducting the network's coverage of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He also performed in numerous television commercials. According to Entertainment Weekly , McMahon is considered one of the greatest "sidekicks". After three years as a carnival barker in Mexico, Maine , McMahon served as a fifteen-year-old bingo caller in Maine. He put himself through college as a pitchman for vegetable slicers on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

When those of a certain age think of the Publishers Clearing House, they tend to remember TV ads featuring Ed McMahon knocking on a door while holding a big check. He was a spokesman for American Family Publishers. McMahon never left the studio to ambush families, and he never held a giant check. Similarly, Publishers Clearing House never hired a celebrity to serve as a spokesperson, and it was the Prize Patrol, not McMahon, that showed up on doorsteps with a giant check. So what happened that makes everyone remember these ads incorrectly?


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Fans remember McMahon at his star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


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  1. Millicent B. says:

    Was this answer helpful?

  2. Robert H. says:

    When Ed McMahon passed away, one question came up over and over again: how will Publishers Clearing House notify their winners now?

  3. Evelia S. says:

    Ed McMahon has been firmly associated with Publishers Clearing House. You might be surprised to find out what his actual relationship with PCH was!.

  4. Mason R. says:

    When those of a certain age think of the Publishers Clearing House, they tend to remember TV ads featuring Ed McMahon knocking on a door.

  5. Joseph S. says:

    Watch Carson hand letterman a check with the words publishers clearing house at the top of the check. He said ed would have been here to give it to you but.

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