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Irish and North Western European DNA comes from the Middle East


Today, results are becoming more refined and hopefully, more accurate as reference populations grow and become more reliable. The Ancestry ethnicity update has been in beta for several months, but this week, Ancestry rolled out the ethnicity update for everyone. Ethnicity is the least precise and the least accurate of DNA tools for genetic genealogy. Ethnicity estimates are the most accurate at a continental level. To say it was really bad is an understatement. In , Ancestry introduced their ethnicity V2 version which provided a lot more granularity. Like a pendulum swinging, neither was accurate.

For months, AncestryDNA has been quietly reprocessing their entire database of more than 10 million customers behind the scenes, and on Wednesday, September 12th, , they rolled out a major enhancement to their ethnicity estimates. The display highlights changes in percentages e. Only the main regions will be affected, not the subregions variously shown as Migrations or Genetic Communities Acadian in the example. For example, there are now 15 regions within Asia, where previously there were five. A table of the previous versus new regions is presented at the bottom of this post. Those of African descent may see slightly different regional maps and ethnicity percentages, but not as drastic a change as Europeans and Asians will get.

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In recent weeks, the genealogical DNA testing arm of Ancestry. Before I go much further, I will say this: We were all warned that our results can change as the database grows and testing becomes more accurate. The earliest members have probably seen this happen before. Since my initial ethnicity estimates were calculated in July, AncestryDNA has made many changes to its testing methodology -- now examining wider sequences of DNA rather than single markers -- and greatly increased its reference sample database from 3, to 16, These additional reference points have assisted AncestryDNA in better distinguishing very similar ethnic groups from one another.

I’m Not so British After All? New Methods Yield New Results

Post a Comment. My new results As discussed previously, there is an update in the works for AncestryDNA's Ethnicity Estimate, currently still in beta mode, you may be able to manually access it as detailed here., Northwestern Europe , or Northwest Europe , is a loosely defined region of Europe , overlapping northern and western Europe. The region can be defined both geographically and ethnographically.

Ancestry 2018 Ethnicity Update

Was it a surprise to you, or were you expecting it? Learn in-depth details about this DNA ethnicity in this article. If you tested before September, , you may have noticed that your ethnicity estimate has changed. If you want to know more about the changes, you can read about the Ancestry ethnicity estimate update. The region covers England and Wales, as well as Scotland, as you might expect. Some people with proud Irish, German , Dutch , and even French heritage might be surprised to see that parts of these countries are also covered by this region. It is important to note that this DNA region has significant overlap with some of the neighboring DNA regions, most notably the Germanic Europe region, as well as the Ireland and Scotland region.





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    Major Enhancement to AncestryDNA’s Ethnicity Estimates – The DNA Geek

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    Find out about the England, Wales, and Northwestern Europe DNA ethnicity in your Ancestry DNA. How you got it, which countries it includes.

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    I got 40% from England, Wales, and Northwestern Europe (increased from 32% of England, Scotland, and Wales). Could my German be reflected from the.

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