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Clinical and Translational Science Institute Chris O'Byrne MS

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You are invited to a brief presentation by an expert in nutrition followed by a conversation with community members. Ignace Indian Health Center. Dinner will follow Are you an early career investigator looking for protected time to conduct research? Our Mentored Career Development program is now accepting applications; the submission deadline is October 14th.

Get help now. The UR CTSI provides funding, education, resources and services to help research teams collaborate and produce results faster. Through our many programs, we strive to advance science and medicine and improve the health of communities and populations. Pre- and post-doctoral training, funding and support for graduate and medical students. Services, continuing education and career development for faculty across career stages disciplines. Support, continuing education and career development for research staff from all disciplines. Learn about health research, volunteer for a clinical study, or partner with us on research projects.

Learn more. NCATS-supported researchers have developed an automated machine-learning approach to diagnose genetic diseases in seriously ill children. This new approach could allow faster diagnosis, initiation of treatment, and ultimately, better outcomes.
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The project's researchers worked closely with immigrant Hmong and Karen women from Minnesota and Thailand to identify if the change in the composition of their gut microbiome goes hand-in-hand with living in a westernized country and a change in lifestyle. Three young researchers in our career development programs share how their CTSI mentors are helping them flourish. Two University of Minnesota School of Dentistry researchers are at the forefront of an emerging profession that is extending dental care access to rural, underserved Minnesota communities, and through CTSI research support, the budding profession is a national model. A one-off project has blossomed into a partnership between CTSI biostatiticians and Hennepin County Medical Center HCMC researchers that has "transformed" their statistical analysis and elevated the overall quality of their research, resulting in multiple grants and manuscripts. A potentially life-saving treatment being co-developed by a team of University of Minnesota researchers that could help people survive severe blood loss is advancing with funding, support, and expertise from CTSI and other University groups. Two U of M researchers cleared these hurdles with support from CTSI—generating findings that would influence local and national health policy.

UR Clinical & Translational Science Institute

We provide essential research services, resources, and training that foster collaboration and accelerate the transition of research discoveries into treatments that benefit patients. The National Institutes of Health NIH requires investigators who publish translational research to acknowledge the Clinical and Translational Science Institute Awards in all publications and related forms of media if institutional services were used to support or fund their research.

Accelerating Discoveries Toward Better Health

Leadership and staff at the Indiana CTSI are working to develop the best processes and resources to enable the efficient translation of scientific discoveries to patient care. Indiana CTSI programs and partnerships are designed to educate, attract and retain top research talent in the state for generations to come. Anantha Shekhar as founding director. Since , the Indiana CTSI has assisted more than 5, researchers and trained more than future scientists across the state. Adolescents who become pregnant face social and health inequities that can lead to a variety of poor outcomes and h.

This website translates English to other languages using an automated tool. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the translated text. Cedars-Sinai is a partner institution in the UCLA Clinical and Translational Science Institute CTSI , an academic-clinical-community partnership designed to accelerate scientific discoveries and clinical breakthroughs to improve health in the most populous and diverse county in the United States. Our mission is to create a borderless clinical and translational research institute that brings UCLA innovations and resources to bear on the greatest health needs of Los Angeles. We also partner with 28 leading community service organizations, advocacy groups, health delivery networks, churches and schools that are already activated and attuned to issues of health care access, affordability and quality. The CTSI aligns its strengths to support clinical and translational science that fully partners with—and responds to—the needs of our Los Angeles community.

Click below to learn more about the teams that are solving some of health's biggest problems. Research facilitators work with investigators, coordinators, and other staff to reduce barriers to the research process. You can help change the future of medicine. The University of Pittsburgh Clinical and Translational Science Institute CTSI is an integral part of the National Institutes of Health NIH nationwide network that provides the support necessary to bridge the gap between innovative approaches to research and effective clinical and public health practice and policy. We help synthesize University-wide programs and new initiatives to promote a more comprehensive understanding of the tangible benefits to health practice that can be realized from clinical and translational research.

Accelerating translation of research into clinical care and health

Request an institute consultation to learn more. The institute has several tools available to search the electronic health record for cohort discovery and study feasibility. All three use the same data, but with different interfaces or data models. Request an informatics consultation to learn more. Request a consultation. The institute offers human subjects research infrastructure through its Clinical Research Centers, located in both Hershey and University Park.

Under the executive leadership of Bruce N. Cronstein, MD , Judith S. With input from internal, external, and scientific review committees; working groups; and a community advisory board, we engage and partner with local communities to identify targets for research, design and conduct translational research studies, and implement new discoveries. Translational research transforms basic science discoveries into practical applications that can improve health, such as new diagnostic techniques, therapies, and interventions. At the Clinical and Translational Science Institute, we define translational research as a spectrum with five stages, each with a set of distinct goals:.




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