How are jon snow and daenerys related reddit

‘Game of Thrones': Just to Be Clear, Here’s How Jon Snow and Daenerys Are Related

how are jon snow and daenerys related reddit

Following the recent "Game of Thrones" finale, a Reddit user calculated how much DNA Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have in common.

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Note: contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8, episode 1. When it was revealed toward the end of Game of Thrones season six that Jon Snow is actually Lyanna Stark's son — and not her brother Ned's bastard after all — it opened a huge can of Westerosi worms. What does it mean for Jon? What does it mean for Game of Thrones? What does it mean for Western civilisation? But most importantly, is Jon now Daenerys' secret brother? With season eight not underway and Jon having finally discovered the truth about his parentage , allow us to help fill in some blanks.

But just how does all of that work again? Just how are they related? Read on for details and see a family tree. But Lyanna and Rhaegar were actually in love and Lyanna left willingly. Rhaegar took Lyanna to the Tower of Joy, where she gave birth to Jon. After Ned found her dying in the Tower, she gave Jon to Ned and he swore to protect his nephew. She told him that Rob would kill the baby if he knew.

For decades, the "Game of Thrones" fandom mused over Jon Snow's potential true parentage. We've broken down the two family trees of houses Stark and Targaryen, with a clear label for Jon Snow's parents. This graphic which uses the book series' birth and death dates should give you a clear sense for how Jon fits into the two greatest families of Westeros:. Rickon is still alive in the books, and almost all of the characters have been aged up by a few years for the show. The birth and death dates listed are from George R.

There is a lot of incest on "Game of Thrones," from a twin brother and sister whose parents were first cousins and now an aunt and nephew. The last episode of season seven officially confirmed that Jon Snow is actually the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, making him next in line for the throne and the nephew of his new lover, Daenerys Targaryen. It left many people wondering how much DNA these two characters would share if they existed in real life. Turns out, it's way more than your average aunt and nephew. Amacaroon writes that the Targaryen family tree is unique, and compares it to a ladder due to their history of incest. This means that Jon and Dany would be

But it can be hard to keep up with just how much their families intersect. He died before she was born, however, so she never got to meet him. Dany ultimately named two of her dragons after each of her brothers. He is the oldest son of the Mad King Aerys. His mother is Rhaella Targaryen. However, as we have learned, that story was a lie. Rhaegar and Lyanna loved each other and were secretly married.

DNA Analysis Shows How Incestuous Jon and Dany’s Hookup Would Be


Ned rumoured relationship with ashara dayne and how he dishonoured her. Except no, George RR Martin has made Jon a Targaryen, Daenerys' nephew and .. Jon Snow / Stark has already been missing for too long and.
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