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What Happened to Kevin on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

young and the restless kevin

Kevin Fisher is a fictional character from the American CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Greg Rikaart. Created by former head writers.

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Viewers of The Young and the Restless were thrilled when the CBS soap opera brought back fan-favorite actor Greg Rikaart Kevin Fisher earlier this year, but they might not have realized just how good his return was going to be. Gloria's son has been causing all kinds of amusing trouble now that he's back in Genoa City, and his strong on-screen relationships with people like Phyllis Michelle Stafford and Michael Christian LeBlanc have made canceling summer plans and staying in to watch the series oh, so worth it. But it's all about to get even better: Elizabeth Hendrickson just announced that she has reprised the role of Kevin's flame, Chloe -- which is just the ultimate cherry on top of what has already been a delightful, indulgent GC sundae. So, just what can viewers expect in the weeks ahead? And how is Rikaart feeling about returning to the show that made him a daytime staple?

Created by former head writers Kay Alden and John F. Smith , the character made his debut during the episode airing on July 11, Rikaart's portrayal of the role was only slated to be short term, however, the character's popularity resulted in the actor being placed on contract. Introduced as an internet predator , the character later developed into a "good person", keeping away from criminal activity. Kevin is known for his relationships with Jana Hawkes Emily O'Brien , which was well received by viewers and garnered a fan following, as well, with Chloe Mitchell Elizabeth Hendrickson. Their romance has been subject to mixed reviews.

Jana Hawkes deceased [Married: Aug 18, ; divorced: Sep 29, ]. Angelina Veneziano [Married: Feb 10, , annulled: Mar 26, ]. Chloe Mitchell [Married: Mar 27, ; divorced early ; Remarried: Mar 12, ; divorced summer ; Ran away from wedding April ].
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In , Kevin Fisher was introduced as the timid bookkeeper for Bobby Marsino's nightclub. Kevin had an eye for naive young girls and found a victim in Lily Winters. Kevin later went on to pressure Lily into having sex and ended up giving her a sexually transmitted disease. Colleen made Kevin so furious with all of her 'disapproving' words toward him that he locked her in a cooler at Gina's restaurant and started the place on fire! Although Kevin was never found guilty of the crime, Colleen was rescued and still blames him to this day! Kevin also ended up losing his job at Marsino's after he was accused of electrocuting Brittany Hodges during one of her performances. Knowing he needed help getting back on his feet with the people in Genoa City, Kevin turned to his brother Michael Baldwin.

The character made his debut in July of , and although originally meant to be a short-term villain, blossomed into a contract role for actor Greg Rikaart , who remained with the soap until Kevin was introduced as an internet predator who met Lily Winters in a chat room. He seduced the younger teen into a relationship and gave her an STD. But in , he was wrongly accused of electrocuting Brittany Hodges , and his brother, Michael Baldwin , and mother, Gloria Fisher , rallied to defend him. Kevin spent some time in prison where he was beaten by the other inmates. Hoping to redeem himself, he plotted with a boy named Alex, who drugged and tried to rape Lily so that Kevin would rescue her.

Kevin Fisher and Chloe Mitchell

Gino Montesinos in THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS (3 episodes)

Greg Rikaart on Kevin's 'Y&R' Return Will He Take Down Nick to Get Chloe Back?

Kevin Fisher is Greg Rikaart used to having the advantage in Genoa City given his penchant for stepping outside the law when he needs to. Read on for the scoop! The 'All My Children' vet on her new gig as Lola's mom, if she'll stick around, and a possible romance for Celeste and Jack. I got to work with Christian [LeBlanc, Michael] early on. Falling back into that dynamic took no time at all.





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