Caravaggio the soul and the

Caravaggio-The Soul and the Blood

caravaggio the soul and the

Caravaggio: The Soul and The Blood

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Judith Beheading Holofernes by Caravaggio, A new documentary about the great Baroque painter is an example of heterosexism in action. You could call it straightwashing. Why would I say something so provocative? As I watched it with my partner Leon, we grew increasingly incredulous. Twenty minutes in, 40 minutes, 60 and then right to the end. We were so upset we were yelling at the TV.

It will be then released worldwide, with subtitled versions, starting from Europe and aiming to reach over 50 Countries and theatres overall. Like this article? In the modern-like, symbolic reenactments of his torment, the painter is played by a non-professional actor, a Neapolitan cable guy part of the technical film crew. He always struggled with contradictory urges: constraint and the search for freedom, hardship and dissipation, pain and passion, sin and quest for mercy and salvation. Impatient with his own patrons, often involved in fights and hassles, he had to run away more than once to escape justice, bringing his art to different Italian and foreign cities.

A journey through life, works and struggles of Michelangelo Merisi from Caravaggio. His existence, no less than his art, is characterized by lights and shadows, contrasts and contradictions, genius and sobriety. Revolutionary artist, he was often not so beloved by contemporaries. He travelled Italy in search of luck or perhaps in search of himself, escaping the enemies that he always found at his passage. His death seems a twist of faith: he died in Porto Ercole, one step away from Rome, one step away from salvation. The artistic digression, in which the commentary of the main artworks will be entrusted to an illustrious art historian from the first painting: Bacchus and Boy with a Basket of Fruit. A basket of fruit, a musical instrument, a sword, a grate of a cell etc.

Caravaggio, Blood and Soul - The Movie


Spaghetti all'Amatriciana festival returns to earthquake-hit Amatrice. Rome to try bike sharing again. Rome city museums free on Sunday 1 September. What to do in Rome in September Movies in English in Rome cinemas 29 Aug-4 Sept. Harmonia Sacra concerts in Rome. A visual journey through the life, works and torments of Caravaggio, a brilliant artist who gathered in himself light and shadow.







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