Apple cider vinegar and warts

Can You Remove Warts with Apple Cider Vinegar?

apple cider vinegar and warts

Apple cider vinegar is a mild acid that may help to burn off the wart while attacking the virus. Create a mixture of two parts apple cider vinegar.

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Naturally occurring components of apple cider vinegar such as acetic acid, minerals, and vitamins along with amino acid play a pivotal role in wart removal. That is why apple cider vinegar for warts removal became successful for people who are allergic or otherwise reluctant to use over the counter chemical based wart removal products. But before you choose to use ACV for an effective wart removal remember that. This is because such type of wart is basically grown inside the skin and is harder to remove when compared to other types of warts. Do not expect to get results overnight. It will take a week or so for effective wart removal from organic apple cider vinegar. Dip the wart in diluted apple cider vinegar.

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I know it works because I have personally used this remedy myself to successfully treat more than seven warts on my fingers and knuckles. Many others on the internet have also reported great results as well for all many common types of warts on various parts of the body; including hands and feet. It took just 5 days to remove small warts from my fingers and a little over two weeks to remove the dime size wart on my knuckle. I have also used this other method to treat another finger wart. Warts are excess skin growths, created by your body in a defensive response to the Human Papillomavirus HPV.

Are you looking for a method for getting rid of warts safely, quickly, and cheaply? Apple Cider Vinegar is great for many things, and thankfully getting rid of warts is one of them. Warts are incredibly common and are caused by the HPV Human papillomavirus virus. When hearing that, most people equate HPV to the sexually transmitted disease that can cause genital warts and cervical cancer in women. However, not all versions of the virus are a result of a sexually transmitted disease, and in fact 60 of the strains are not related to sexual transmission at all. For information on different types and strains, this Wikipedia article explains.

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    Apple cider vinegar may be touted as a remedy for just about anything, but can it really treat warts? Anecdotal evidence suggests this is true.

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