Tyler childers and the food stamps

Tyler Childers, the (Beloved) Redheaded Stepson of the Huntington Music Scene

tyler childers and the food stamps

Tyler Childers & The Food Stamps - 08.22.15 - whole show - 4K - Tripod

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Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky is a little town called, Paintsville, where the economy is dependent on the dying coal industry and a tradition of music thrives with the US 23 Country Music Highway Museum and Butcher Hollow. Carrying on the music tradition is native son and current Lexington, Kentucky resident, Tyler Childers. MidPoint organizers announced today a third group of artists, led by hometown favorites Heartless Bastards. Heartless Bastards, touring in support of their Doors are at p and the show is at

See them live this Sunday on Mountain Stage. Credit Lisa Sullivan. Ever since 'A Change of Tune' started, we've had a list of folks who we've wanted to talk WVmusic and pepperoni rolls with. Last week, we had the pleasure of marking one of those names off our list when we chatted with the self-proclaimed "Redheaded Stepson of the Huntington Music Scene," Americana rocker Tyler Childers. Hear our conversation about his history with Huntington's V Club, his band's forthcoming debut on Mountain Stage and how his future might just involve chickens.

Tyler Childers born June 21, is an American singer and songwriter. His music is a mix of country , bluegrass and folk. He released his breakthrough album Purgatory in August Tyler Childers was born and raised in Lawrence County, Kentucky. He studied for a semester at Western Kentucky University , and enrolled at Bluegrass Community and Technical College for a few semesters. He had his first success with Purgatory , a breakthrough album released on August 4,

Tyler Childers

Tyler Childers and the Food Stamps - "Messed Up Kid" (SomerSessions)

Tyler Childers & The Foodstamps

Hailing from the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky, Tyler Childers is part of a wave of s Americana artists who prize authenticity both in their songs and sound. Sonically, Childers borrows heavily from the weathered, ornery, progressive country records of the '70s, a comparison brought into sharp relief on his second album, 's Purgatory , which was produced by the acclaimed Americana rocker Sturgill Simpson. Purgatory may have been Childers ' breakthrough. He has played since his childhood in Lawrence County, Kansas and had been playing professionally for over half a decade. As a young adult, he relocated to Lexington, Kentucky and played with a band called the Food Stamps.

Tyler Childers has blossomed into a genuine star and he has done so, right under my nose. I ran UnsungMelody. Com for years, but stepped away to ready my son for college. In that nearly two year span, Tyler and his band, The Food Stamps, have toured relentlessly and built a huge underground following. You can see that coverage here. It was an early set and not that many campers were stirring yet, so it was a very intimate set on a large stage. A true rarity.



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    Childers autobiographical lyrics lets you peek into his country upbringing complete with vibrant characters.

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