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Michael S. Chernuchin told The Hollywood Reporter that this season of SVU would involve more ripped-from-the-headlines plots focusing on current events such as the Charlottesville riots. It's just the state of the world today with everybody," he said. THR 's Kate Stanhope also asked Chernuchin about the pulled episode "Unstoppable" from the previous season , asking him if he was hesitant about diving into politics. Chernuchin replied, "I'm not going to choose a side. I won't choose a side.

Sign in. Watch now. Title: Remember Me 23 May When a young woman takes a man hostage, Benson puts herself at risk to defuse the situation; SVU discovers the reason for the abduction. Carlos Miranda. She instantly snaps, but she's worked out somewhat whatever she might do if she ran into this creep again.

I wonder if this is a setup for a full-blown meltdown for Benson next year, after which she'll realize that as much as she loves her job, "burnout" has taken over and she must let Fin take over the reins. I think, though, that the reason Olivia touched her chest was to place her hand over the scars from where the victim was burned. I forgot to add Finn's look when he fired the last shot. I literally rewound three times to laugh at that moment. Chris, I am glad you spoke out about this episode. I thought it was only me who thought it was a train wreck.

Sign in. See the list. Title: Remember Me Too 23 May Benson's suspicions about a kidnapping victim uncover a criminal network determined to silence anyone who gets in their way. He is in fact high up in a deadly Mexican cartel, folks who really get off on torture and death.

The episode began at the Buckley household where their nanny of five years, Lourdes Vega, is going out to a club, and they are going someplace else so she can stay out as long as she wants. At the club, another nanny complains about her employer and compliments Lourdes on her good fortune with the nice Buckleys. Lourdes suddenly spots a guy named Miguel up on the second floor, stares and their eyes meet. She insists they know each other and he insists he has never seen her before. Lourdes is all over him, they go to his place and she pulls a gun on him. She ties him up to a chair.

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