New york animal care and control at risk list

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new york animal care and control at risk list

The official facebook page for ACC of NYC animals at-risk. + ACC of NYC: At-Risk Animals added 19 new photos to the album: Cats At Risk: 8/29/

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By Tamar Lapin. The hearing, which centered on a bill to put a full-service animal shelter in every borough, was held after The Post on Tuesday revealed a slew of problems with the kill list at Animal Care Centers, including wrongly condemning pets and placing massive bureaucratic hurdles in front of would-be adopters. Weinstock also said that of all the animals that wind up at ACC shelters, 7 percent land on the kill list, where they have just 18 hours to be adopted before being euthanized. Craig Semen of Compassion for Animals brought up how The Post found that out of 55 rescue partners who are supposed to help people save animals on the list, only 16 answered phone calls in the time frame. The crowed burst into applause. Council members also expressed concern that animals were getting sick in the shelters and then being put on the kill list.

On Tuesday the City Council will hold a hearing on a package of bills concerning the care and treatment of animals. Some shelters and advocacy groups have settled on a live release rate of 90 percent as the no-kill threshold. Among the bills now pending before city lawmakers, Intro would require the DOH to provide detailed data on every incident of animal euthanasia; Intro would also create a task force, to include animal welfare advocates, to advise the shelter on best practices. Perhaps above all, Galfin and Seeman are anxious to see the passage of Intro , the animal welfare department bill. Among other initiatives, the new department would take over the shelter system from the DOH, which according to just about every advocate Gothamist spoke to for this story has presided over the senseless and preventable deaths of thousands of adoptable cats and dogs. The report criticized the DOH and, in turn, former mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, for perpetually under-funding ACC, as well as failing to remedy—and at times exploiting—a bureaucratic tangle that makes it almost impossible for the agency to succeed. Though it functions as a city agency, ACC is actually a non-profit created by the city and is under contract to DOH for its services.

Our At-Risk list is posted three times a week, on the evenings of Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at PM and remains viewable for 42 hours.
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For a place often associated with confinement, suffering and death, the city animal shelter in Manhattan was a pretty happy spot last Friday afternoon, at least in the backyard. A half-dozen pit bull mixes chased one another across an asphalt run behind the shelter, a cinder-block bunker on East th Street in Harlem, dancing and wrestling in midair. Elf, a brown-and-white dog, chest-bumped with Cupcake, who was sporting a purple collar. Cupcake leapt over Ezra. Euthanasia rates dropped sharply in , down 36 percent for dogs and 25 percent for cats, according to statistics the agency plans to release at its annual board meeting on Friday.

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NYC’s animal shelter leaders grilled over ‘doggy death row’






Animal Care Center of NYC (ACC) rescues, cares for, and finds loving homes for Find out more about how you can become one of New York's Kindest.
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