Why india is divided in different states and districts

State formation in India

why india is divided in different states and districts

Oct 12, Because of diversity. India has so many languages religions castes that's why India is divided into diff. States and district. 1 vote. 1 vote.

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India is currently divided into 36 administrative states and union territories, which are further divided into districts and more granular units. Districts in India are the third geographic layer for data dissemination after national and state-level setups. Though collecting data at the district level is common, comparing different data sets or data from different years at the district level can be difficult. There are three reasons for this problem:. In the absence of more granular data, comparing district data across time and space poses practical difficulties. The Census is our benchmark for detailed district level data.

India is a federal union comprising 29 states and 7 union territories , for a total of 36 entities. The states and union territories are further subdivided into districts and smaller administrative divisions. The Constitution of India distributes the sovereign executive and legislative powers exercisable with respect to the territory of any State between the Union and that State. The Indian subcontinent has been ruled by many different ethnic groups throughout its history, each instituting their own policies of administrative division in the region. Between and the territories of the princely states were politically integrated into the Indian Union. Most were merged into existing provinces; others were organised into new provinces, such as Rajputana , Himachal Pradesh , Madhya Bharat , and Vindhya Pradesh , made up of multiple princely states; a few, including Mysore , Hyderabad , Bhopal , and Bilaspur , became separate provinces.

India is one of the oldest civilizations with a kaleidoscopic variety and rich heritage. Districts is an endeavour of NIC to provide a one-stop source for all the information about Districts at one place on the web. Visit the portal, which provides all the information regarding the area, population and headquarters about any district. Here we are providing link to Village level mapping of demography and amenities maps on the GIS based website. This enables dynamic generation of choropleth maps for rural India for more than parameters of Primary Census Abstract and Amenities Data, provided by Registrar General of India. Moreover, we are linking to the website of Survey of India, which acts as adviser to the Government of India on all survey matters, viz Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Mapping and Map Reproduction.

States and union territories of India

The administrative divisions of India are subnational administrative units of India ; they compose a nested hierarchy of country subdivisions. Indian states and territories frequently use different local titles for the same level of subdivision e. The smaller subdivisions villages and blocks exist only in rural areas.

India is a very big country, having different sections of the society, divided geographically, historically, linguistically, ethnically, religiously etc.
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