Hugo montenegro the good the bad and the ugly


hugo montenegro the good the bad and the ugly

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra 1968

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Hugo Montenegro The good, the bad and the ugly. Here is the tale of the boy standing in front of you Not one word is exaggerated - entirely true A four square in chemistry, my agenda tonight As I rock the house left, and a I rock the house right I can't fly, I can't dance And I don't like any bands Listen up, 'cause I am Atom, I am the sequencing man Where I want is where I go I'm always armed with a burrito Listen up, 'cause I am Atom, I am the sequencing man I travel the world with. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Artist: Hugo Montenegro and His Orchestra. Has been played on. Germany

Add Genre. Add Styles. Add Moods. Add Themes. Although generally rock music dominated the popular charts in the s, there were those occasional off-the-wall hits from other genres that would overwhelm the airwaves, including some easy listening and soundtrack instrumentals. Although the song did originate as a soundtrack theme by one of the most famous soundtrack composers of all time, it would, unusually, be a cover version by someone else that would become the big hit. As issued on the soundtrack album, the main title of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" is an effective classic, starting with heartbeat rhythms, perhaps to mimic Native American patterns.

Hugo Montenegro was a composer, arranger, and conductor who is primarily known for his movie work in the '60s, as well as his adaptations of film scores like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Montenegro began his musical career in the U. Navy, where he arranged scores for various military bands.
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Included on the film soundtrack as "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly main title ", the instrumental piece was composed by Ennio Morricone , with Bruno Nicolai conducting the orchestra. A cover version by Hugo Montenegro in was a pop hit in both the U. Ennio Morricone is an Italian composer who has created music for hundreds of films. In the s, director Sergio Leone was impressed by a musical arrangement of Morricone's and asked his former schoolmate to compose music for one of his films, A Fistful of Dollars. This led to a collaboration between the two on future Leone films, some of which came to be referred to as " Spaghetti Westerns ". After a steady percussion beat, the theme to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly begins with a two-note melody sounding like the howl of a coyote.

The relationship between some movie directors and composers is so close that it is hard to imagine certain films without their soundtracks: Hitchcock had Bernard Herrmann's gripping scores for Psycho and North by Northwest and others; Werner Herzog with the German avant-rock band Popul Vuh providing the eerie music to Aguirre, Wrath of God and Fitzcarraldo; and Sergio Leone's early spaghetti westerns with the distinctive music by Ennio Morricone. In fact, Morricone's aural fingerprint was everywhere in westerns for almost a decade from the mid 60s, even when he wasn't writing the music. Morricone born in Rome in was classically trained, wrote some contemporary classical work in his youth then turned his attention to orchestrating popular songs. He met director Leone in the early 60s and provided him with the music to A Fistful of Dollars and A Few Dollars More, both vehicles for Clint Eastwood and filmed in Spain where labour was cheap and the locations looked sufficiently like Mexico as the backdrop. He has written numerous classical works, collaborated with the likes of Quincy Jones , and has had a significant impact on popular culture.

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