Wendy williams husband and son

Wendy Williamsí son Kevin Hunter Jr.ís assault case dismissed

wendy williams husband and son

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Wendy Williams ' estranged husband is no closer to making amends with their son, Kevin Jr. Sources close to the family tell TMZ Kevin Sr. We're told he's getting iced out, despite several attempts to reach out and talk to his son. We're told Wendy's ex thinks he and his son should settle their differences on their own -- but he believes Wendy is behind the decision to go radio silent. We broke the story Kevin Jr.

Wendy Williams filed for divorce after her husband Kevin Hunter allegedly fathered a child with his mistress. Wendy Williams has kept her distance from her estranged husband since their split. Williams, 54, filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter earlier this month after learning that he allegedly fathered a child with his mistress. Then she saw new pictures of him out with the mistress again and she cut him completely off, shut down accounts, everything. Hunter could not be reached for comment. Seek treatment and move on. So many stick around when they should get out.

Wendy Williams filed for divorce from husband Kevin Hunter in April.
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By Francesca Bacardi. Kevin Hunter Jr. After pleading not guilty to allegedly assaulting his dad, Kevin Jr. Kevin Jr. Kevin Sr. As Page Six exclusively revealed , Kevin Sr. According to a heavily redacted police report Page Six obtained, responding officers were told that the situation escalated after Kevin Jr.

Hamlin says Kevin Sr. What's more, there's a state-wide conditional dismissal program Kevin Jr. We're told they were advised it was unnecessary for them to go inside because the case was continued. He entered a not guilty plea The prosecutor said he wanted to "review factors in the case" and said he thought the case would be resolved at the next hearing. That screams plea bargain or outright dismissal of charges.

Wendy Williams' Son and Estranged Husband Fight: Full Details of Their Parking Lot Altercation

UPDATE: Wendy Williams' son is in the clear. While Wendy Williams and her longtime husband Kevin Hunter are in the midst of a divorce.
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