Keith and dana cutler family

Former Atlantans the Cutlers have new judge show on CW69 'Couples Court With the Cutlers'

keith and dana cutler family

In It’s No Secret, a new feature, The Times highlights couples who share thoughts about commitment and what they have learned about themselves and each other along the way. Occupations The Cutlers, trial lawyers, are the first married couple to preside over a television court show.

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Not all TV judges are real judges but does that matter? Clearly not. It's all about personalities and concept. In the end, they called it "Couples Court With the Cutlers. Locally, the CW69 began airing it at 2 p. The focus of the show is about infidelity. The Cutlers sit side by side in judge outfits and spend each half hour assessing the accuser and the accused.

Aug What did the decoy discover today on CouplesCourt? If you're going to act like trash at least hang out in the dumpster so the ladies know! Did the bathing suit in question belong to his side bae? Smith has a type, and they all have the same last name! Was his neighbor starting unnecessary rumors?! She lost a friend over these cheating allegations.

The Cutlers use cell phone forensics, GPS tracking, DNA evidence and other high-tech tactics to tackle relationship disputes head-on and help uncover the truth. The husband-and-wife team, who have been married and practicing law together for nearly three decades, bring their legal expertise and guidance to couples in crisis throughout each episode. Dana and Keith Cutler earned undergraduate degrees from Spelman College and Morehouse College, respectively, and continued their education together, graduating from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law in Dana practices education law focusing on charter schools, and Keith is a civil defense trial attorney. The Cutlers have been married for 28 years and have three adult sons. How would you describe your Fatherhood culture? I wanted to be involved with my kids.

Dana Tippin Cutler and Keith Cutler aren’t your typical Kansas City couple. The two practicing lawyers are the hosts of “Couples Court with the Cutlers,” a reality TV show. “(The show) combines our experience as a couple for 35 years now along with our legal experience,” Keith.
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Had a great time at the Daytime Emmys last night. Truly awesome! A wonderful evening for everyone! CCTV family, we received our 2nd nomination for our 2nd season. We could not do it without your love and support.

Orion TV Production. We want no detail spared in learning how, when, and why a seemingly perfect couple fell apart. Grab the popcorn. Just ask RuPaul. We knew we wanted a male and female judge, but if we can find married judges, we thought that would be fascinating. Sorry to say, but these two are sleeping together. We started searching for husband and wife litigators and attorneys, and through the process, the warmth of Dana and Keith, kept coming through.

On "Couples Court with the Cutlers," real-life husband and wife duo, Dana and Keith Cutler are bringing topics like grace and forgiveness into the courtroom. Cutler are as impressive on screen as they are off, bringing a wealth of legal expertise to the courtroom and to their community. Last year, Mrs. Cutler wrapped up her term as the first woman of color to serve as president of The Missouri Bar, using her role as an opportunity to address the presence of implicit bias. She created the Courageous Collaboration initiative to foster tough but necessary conversations in the workplace. And now, Mrs.

The Investigative Report Is in: Yes, Couples Court Is Real

Because marriage is an ever-evolving experience, we constantly shift, change, love harder, love less and, in some cases, start over. Their Marriage 28 years, 5 months and counting. -


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