Taylor swift and her cats

A com-purr-hensive history of 'Cats' star Taylor Swift dressing like a cat

taylor swift and her cats

Taylor Swift isn't only making money from her music. Now, she's cashing checks in the name of her newest feline family member, Benjamin.

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In a Friday Instagram Live with Panic! The handler asked Swift if she wanted to hold the cat before they shot their scene together. It was just adorable. This is Benjamin Button. On Thursday, TIME shared a video of Swift talking about the most major influences in her life and she counted her cats among them. So I went to cat school, which they have on set readily available for us. Learned how to be as much like a cat as I possibly could.

Taylor Swift is sharing the adorable moment she met her new kitten! On Tuesday, the year-old pop star dropped a behind-the-scenes video from the making of "ME! As fans of the pastel-hued video know, Swift ended up taking the kitten home to join her two other cats, Meredith and Olivia. When someone brings the kitten out to appear in a scene with Swift and Brendon Urie -- who's featured on the song -- Swift is immediately taken with the small feline, holding him up on her chest as he purrs away. The "Blank Space" singer continues to cuddle with the kitten around set, showing him off to both her mom and dad, who were there to watch the making of the video. Look how sweet he is!

The trademark will be for Benjamin Button clothing, phone accessories, toys, luggage, home furnishings, key rings, arts and crafts kits, glassware, ornaments, and coloring books, so if you were so inclined you could stock each room in your house with Benjamin products. Swift has always been a feline lover, making her two other cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, almost as famous as she is. Benjamin Button is a new addition to her kitty crew. They even made a video appearance on her World Tour. In her Time video earlier this year, the pop star talked about her love for Meredith and Olivia. Both Meredith and Olivia are Scottish Fold cats. This breed has a gene mutation that causes the cats ears to fold down, giving it that wide-eyed, owl look.

Taylor Swift Highlights the Difference Between Her Cats Meredith & Olivia in Instagram Video

Cats movie: Trailer reveals Taylor Swift as Bombalurina and first look at 'digital fur'

Having Taylor Swift as your owner is just as purrrfect as you would imagine. As fans know, the Grammy award-winning singer has a huge thing for her cats Dr. They're independent. They're very capable of dealing with their own life. All the kittens care about is taking selfies. You know when you take an "effortless" selfie, but, in reality, you actually take pictures and put a filter on 15 of them before finally posting it? Well, Taylor Swift's cats don't.

The debut of the trailer for 's "Cats" caused fur to fly online, with some theater fans rejoicing and others questioning whether anyone had asked for an onscreen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's feline musical in the first place. But the flick's star Taylor Swift has arguably been prepping for her role as Bombalurina for the better part of a decade, having constantly worked cat-themed clothing and accessories into her outfits throughout her career. Most recently, she sported kitten socks while rehearsing her dance moves for the movie. Splash News. Getty Images for TAS. August Swift freaked out her beloved feline Olivia Benson by wearing earrings featuring her furry face. July The star stepped out in NYC wearing a very '90s graphic tee.





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    The first trailer for the film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's iconic musical adaptation of T.

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    Taylor Swift's cats live a pretty lavish life. They're essentially no different than any of our cats though with their silly antics, strong desire for treats, and evil stares. While Taylor is pretty famous, her two Scottish fold cats, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, are pretty.

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