The light reactions of photosynthesis use _____ and produce _____

Biolgy Exam 2 Chapter 7

the light reactions of photosynthesis use _____ and produce _____

Photosynthesis: Light Reactions 1

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After the energy from the sun is converted and packaged into ATP and NADPH, the cell has the fuel needed to build food in the form of carbohydrate molecules. The carbohydrate molecules made will have a backbone of carbon atoms. Where does the carbon come from? The carbon atoms used to build carbohydrate molecules comes from carbon dioxide, the gas that animals exhale with each breath. The Calvin cycle is the term used for the reactions of photosynthesis that use the energy stored by the light-dependent reactions to form glucose and other carbohydrate molecules. In plants, carbon dioxide CO 2 enters the chloroplast through the stomata and diffuses into the stroma of the chloroplast—the site of the Calvin cycle reactions where sugar is synthesized. The reactions are named after the scientist who discovered them, and reference the fact that the reactions function as a cycle.

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The chemiosmotic hypothesis states that the flow of electrons through an electron transport chain generates a proton gradient that leads to the synthesis of ATP. The region of ATP synthase that catalyzes ATP production protrudes out of, but does not span, the chloroplast membrane; the region that spans the membrane is an ion channel through which protons can pass. True or false?
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Drag the labels from the left to their correct locations in the concept map on the right. Not all labels will be used. Approximately what wavelength of light is best absorbed by chlorophyll a, the pigment that participates directly in the light reactions? You obtain the pigments called carotenoids in your diet when you eat carrots. Why do carotenoids appear yellow and orange?

Photosynthesis produces chemical energy in the form of glucose, a carbohydrate or sugar. The glucose produced by photosynthesis is an integral part of the food chain because a great deal of energy is stored in the chemical bonds in the glucose molecule, and this energy can be released during digestion and chemical processing by other organisms. Photosynthetic organisms are autotrophs, or organisms that can make energy from inorganic compounds. Autotrophs are also called "producers. Essentially, all heterotrophic organisms thus rely in some sense on the energy made by autotrophs through photosynthesis. Photosynthesis uses light energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen gas.

Photosynthesis takes place in two stages: the light-dependent reactions and the Calvin cycle. In the light-dependent reactions , which take place at the thylakoid membrane, chlorophyll absorbs energy from sunlight and then converts it into chemical energy with the use of water. The light-dependent reactions release oxygen as a byproduct as water is broken apart. In the Calvin cycle, which takes place in the stroma, the chemical energy derived from the light-dependent reactions drives both the capture of carbon in carbon dioxide molecules and the subsequent assembly of sugar molecules. The two reactions use carrier molecules to transport the energy from one to the other.

Overview of Photosynthesis

Animals need to eat food to get their energy. But green plants and algae do not.

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The Light-Dependent Reactions






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