Speed of light in solid liquid and gas

How were the speed of sound and the speed of light determined and measured?

speed of light in solid liquid and gas

Speed of light through different materials

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Light is a type of energy known as electromagnetic radiation. Light is made up of little packets of energy called photons. Most of these photons are produced when the atoms in an object heat up. This extra energy is then released as a photon. The hotter an object gets, the more photons it gives out. Light travels as a wave. But unlike sound waves or water waves, it does not need any matter or material to carry its energy along.

Despite the differences between light and sound, the same two basic methods have been used in most measurements of their respective speeds. The first method is based on simply measuring the time it takes a pulse of light or sound to traverse a known distance; dividing the distance by the transit time then gives the speed. The frequency of a wave is the number of crests that pass per second, whereas the wavelength is the distance between crests. Although the two phenomena share these measurement approaches, the fundamental differences between light and sound have led to very different experimental implementations, as well as different historical developments, in the determination of their speeds. In its simplest form, sound can be thought of as a longitudinal wave consisting of compressions and extensions of a medium along the direction of propagation.

Light - solid, liquid or gas?

This New Form of Light Is a Physical Molecule, Here’s How We Made It

How fast does light travel, and does it travel faster in water or air? The fastest thing in the whole universe is the speed of light in a vacuum like outer space! Light travels in waves , and we call this traveling propagation.
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    How were the speed of sound and the speed of light determined and measured? - Scientific American

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