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The Greater Than Less Than Song - Inequalities Song for Kids - Silly School Songs

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In math, greater or less than and equal to help the kids to understand how one number is different from the other number. Whether one number is bigger or smaller than the other number or both the numbers are equal. Important symbol or signs used to identify the numbers to understand the bigger number, smaller number and the number that is equal. When one number is smaller than the other number; we use less than sign. Parents and teachers are requested to follow the kids that they first read the above discussion and then give the print out of this worksheet on greater or less than and equal to so, that children can easily complete the sheet using pencil. Missing Numbers Worksheet. Worksheet on Tens and Ones.

When two values are definitely not equal we use the "not equal to" sign. When one value is smaller than another we use a "less than" sign. When one value is bigger than another we use a "greater than" sign. The "less than" sign and the "greater than" sign look like a "V" on its side, don't they? It could be 4 cups or it could be less than 4 cups: So until we measure it, all we can say is "less than or equal to " 4 cups. To show this , we add an extra line at the bottom of the "less than" or "greater than" symbol like this:. Always make sure the small end points to the small value.

Greater than and less than symbols

Equal, Greater or Less Than

The words are: minus, plus, times, equal, less than equal, less than, greater than, greater than or equal, percent, division symbol. Or go to the answers. Label 10 Math Symbols Label the pictures of 10 math symbols on this worksheet. Go to the answers. Unscramble Words for Math Symbols Unscramble the words for common math symbols. The words are addition sign, minus sign, multiplication sign, division sign, equal, not equal, less than, greater than, parentheses, number sign. Write Eight Math Symbols Find and write eight math symbols.

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Did you know that we started using the equal sign more than years ago? The first to do so was the doctor and mathematician Robert Recorde, who explained that there are no two things that may be more equal than two parallel lines. So he began to use this symbol to represent equality:. There are other symbols that we can use to indicate relationships between numbers: the inequality symbols! With them, we can make comparisons.



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    As well as the familiar equals sign (=) it is also very useful to show if something is not equal to (?) greater than (>) or less than (signs.

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