Where can i use apple pay near me

Who Accepts Apple Pay? A List of Stores + How to Find Apple Pay Locations Nearby

where can i use apple pay near me

Using Apple Pay The "CORRECT" Way At Walgreens & Subway In 4K


Stay on the cutting edge of payments both online and in-store. With Apple Pay you can provide fast checkout experiences to delight your shoppers both online and in-store. Not only will supporting Apple Pay help future-proof your business, but will enable you to provide a seamless, sleek checkout that will set you apart from the competition. Benefits include:. We will continue to roll out Apple Pay support in new markets as they are announced.

Some of the stores that accept Apple Pay. Apple Pay, Apple's answer to mobile payments, was finally released on Monday. Apple Pay connects with your credit and debit cards and allows you to make payments by touching your phone to an NFC-enabled terminal, and holding your thumb to the fingerprint sensor, called Touch ID, to authenticate your purchase. You can also use Apple Pay for online purchases and for purchases within apps. Trust, and Wells Fargo. Apple says more than banks have signed up to use Apple Pay.

For many consumers, the fundamental question remains: What stores accept Apple Pay? Apple Pay has been gaining ground because of its NFC contactless payment technology, which encrypts payment credentials and better protects both the retailer and the cardholder. Apple Pay allows for consumers to pay in-store, online, and in-app without swiping or inserting a card, or entering card credentials online. Apple Pay also provides a new payment route to attract consumers who are looking to pay via a mobile device at the point of checkout. The NFC technology is what makes this payment method extremely secure, creating a one-time token that replaces any sensitive cardholder data. This has helped Apple Pay gain ground with retailers across the globe, especially since more point of sale systems integrate the ability to accept contactless payments than ever before. Now, instead of placing a fingerprint on the phone at the point of checkout to authorize a purchase, users will rely on a quick facial scan to authenticate their identity.

The beauty of Apple Pay is that it is classically 'Apple'.
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From big chain stores to small businesses, Apple Pay is accepted at over four million locations. There are a couple different methods available for finding Apple Pay stores in your area. It would be impossible to list all the stores that accept Apple Pay because the list keeps growing. Sign up to iPhone Life's Tip of the Day Newsletter and we'll send you a tip each day to save time and get the most out of your iPhone or iPad. Creating a comprehensive list of where you can use Apple Pay isn't easy. There are far too many businesses and stores that accept Apple Pay for any one website to name them all. While Apple Pay locations are most prominent in the US, other countries have begun expanding their Apple Pay capabilities.

Speed and convenience. These are the main ingredients consumers look for in a shopping experience today. Consumers have got a need for speed. To keep things nice and simple, they will always go for the quickest payment method at the checkout. No surprise then that Apple Pay is trending for exactly these reasons. Consumers can get their hands on the goods or services they want in just a blink of an eye or with a simple touch.

It's convenient and becoming an easy way to pay at more and more places. This is a list of stores and restaurants that take Apple Pay, loosely ranked by popularity. Several fast food chains , restaurants, and stores have implemented the payment method into the checkout process. Everywhere around, places where you can use Apple Pay include popular shops and eateries all over the world. What stores and restaurants that take Apple Pay will you find on this list? Of course, Apple itself has to be near the top. Apple Stores take the electronic payments for everything from iPhone purchases to Genius Bar service appointments.

Cashless made effortless.

Apple Pay support continues to spread, both to more U. With the upcoming Apple Card , the 2 percent cash back rate is predicated on paying with Apple Pay, so finding retailers that accept it is going to be more important than ever., Apple Pay is a contactless payment technology for Apple devices.

Where you can use Apple Pay in the UK (now including Barclays)

By Dan Grabham T Apple Pay has been in the UK since last July and thousands of us have ben paying for goods and services by waving our iPhones and Apple Watches at the sensors - you can do this in any shop that accepts contactless payments, though many stores still don't seem very clued up on the service. Paying just got easier, we're now supporting Apple Pay. Anywhere that supports contactless payments should be able to take Apple Pay, since it uses the same NFC technology as contactless debit cards. Read more: Apple Watch Series 4 review: the best smartwatch takes a leap forward.


Using Apple Pay at a Gas Pump

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