Can dogs be mentally retarded

Politically Incorrect: 'Dogs Are Like Retarded Children'

can dogs be mentally retarded

I accidentally made a cat retarded: (I'm an ICU Vet nurse. In my days when still a teenager, I was given duties such as washing cats. Some cat.

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He was already year old at the time. The rescue company did not have any information about his previous owner or why they surrendered him. The first time I met him at his foster home, he was sleeping on top of their dining room table. They called his name and he didn't budge so I went over to him instead. He was very sweet, gave lots of kisses, then jumped off the table and trotted to the front door. I took that as a sign that he wanted to come home with me although, it's entirely possible that he just had to pee.

Pretty much anything that makes human animals vulnerable also makes non human animals vulnerable.
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My sister-in-law volunteered me to watch her dog while she is out of town and this dog is the stupidest thing I have ever come into contact with. It's eyes are gray and look in oppsite directions. It runs into walls, trips over itself when it walks, can't go down a single step without falling on it's face, can't get back up the step, can't walk on linoleum it is some funny shit to watch. Every single piece of kibble is an adventure for this dog. It goes to the bowl and usually trips into it, manages to get a kibble onto the floor, and then scoots it around the floor for 2 minutes until it finally managed to get it to it's mouth. Also it does not walk like a normal Boston.

Go to Page Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by registered members. We've all had stubborn or crazy or maybe even weird pets but I was wondering if retarded can be applied to some as well. We once had a beautiful chinchilla persian cat who could not be litter trained. When it rained she would stand next to a bush instead of try to get under it. What do you think?

Stanley The Mentally Challenged Golden Retriever Wins The Internetís Heart




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