Can our loved ones in heaven communicate with us

Can our loved ones in heaven communicate with us?

can our loved ones in heaven communicate with us

The 12 Signs That Spirits Send Us - After-Death Communication

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This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author's own. People often ask me if loved ones in spirit can see us after they have crossed over into Heaven. The short answer is yes; however, there is much more to a soul's existence in Heaven beyond seeing events on Earth. Through the countless communications I have received from beings in spirit, I have learned a great deal that I would like to share with you about our existence beyond life on Earth.

When we lose someone we love, we are feeling sad and lonely. At those moments it is very difficult to move forward and to continue your life. Many people believe that in those moments deceased people come back to earth and send us different signs. They are trying to communicate with us and to give us support and love. Your deceased loved one will come to tell you that everything will be just fine.

Different emotions combine with emotional pain which can almost be physically felt, along with a sense of extreme loss and desperation. The comforting fact that everyone should know is that our loved ones are still present in our lives; we simply cannot see them. They also use different signs to make their presence known, and we just need to learn how to recognize them. When you learn to decipher these signs, you might realize that there are others, rather than the usual ones, which your deceased loved ones use to communicate with you. It could be hard at first to learn how to decipher the right signs from the coincidences, but when these signs appear in impossible circumstances that is a sure confirmation that your loved one is contacting you.

I figure other readers might have read the question and may be interested, since I've been asked it many times over the years. The question was, from a biblical standpoint, is it okay to talk to our loved ones who've gone on to be with Jesus? First, would it even be possible for someone in Heaven to know what's happening on earth, and be able to hear us say anything? Many assume the answer is no. But in Matthew 17, Moses and Elijah clearly already knew the events going on when they appeared with Jesus on the mount of transfiguration. In Luke 15 Jesus speaks of rejoicing in the presence of the angels, not BY the angels but in their presence, whenever a sinner repents, suggesting God's people in heaven rejoice at God's work in lives on earth. To rejoice at it, they obviously must be aware of it.

We all have instinctive capabilities also called sixth sense , which usually is heightened or activated when a loved one passes away. Usually, when you embrace a powerful physical connection with someone, it makes it simpler to bond with them in the form of a spirit. There is no feeling of sadness greater than when a loved one passes away; this is the sad truth of life that everyone has to die. Unveil now all about the signs from heaven! When you lose a loved one, your heart misses them, and you cry for them feeling lonely and empty, you have no idea what to do anymore and how to move on with your life without them. Moreover, try to let you know that the deceased loved one is nearby by attempting to communicate with you and convey a message in order to let you know that they are fine. There is always meaning behind a deceased loved one reaching out to you!

Signs from Heaven that your deceased loved ones are nearby

During this time of year we start to miss our lost loved ones even more than usual., Losing someone you care about is an incredibly difficult process.

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