Where can i find almond butter in the grocery store

Where Is Almond Butter in the Grocery Store? (Check These Aisles…)

where can i find almond butter in the grocery store

Well, unlike peanut butter, which can be found in just about any food store, organic almond butter is a little more difficult to find. A few grocery.

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Skip navigation! You know what I love aside from Trader Joe's? Almond butter. This alternative nut spread has been everywhere since it started moving its way up the food scene over 10 years ago — according to the Washington Post our almond obsession has grown over percent since can't stop, won't stop. When OG companies released their own creamy takes on the trend, new brands answered by popping up out of the nut-crushing woodwork and throwing their jars in the ring. And with so many competing names, varieties, and prices strewn around, I couldn't help but feeling a little bit lost. How's a nut-butter-lover supposed to deftly navigate the manic mishmash on a grocery store's shelves these days?!

Almonds, in particular, are rich in both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats — superlative for heart health. Of course, a healthy serving of fat isn't the only beneficial aspect of this popular nut spread. Wondering about the best way to add this delicious and versatile nut butter to your grocery list? While cost isn't the only factor that you should consider when purchasing almond butter, it's no doubt an important one! In many cases, buying almond butter and other natural health products online can be cheaper than purchasing in store. However, these days it's entirely possible to find affordable almond butter products in your local grocery stores, as well. Whether you click and order or shop in store, you still have several things to consider before making your purchase and deciding which type of almond butter will be the one you fall in love with.

Whether you're spreading it on toast, dipping your apples into it or just diving in spoon first, chances are you care about the flavor and taste of your almond butter. Too gritty and it won't spread; too flavorless and you may as well stick with peanut butter. For this test, we stuck to creamy almond butters, since the crunchy vs. We also tried to stick with ones that list almonds and salt as the only ingredients. Only one had added sugar Jif , but we still included it for mass appeal and brand recognition. This creamy and tasteful almond butter had "high sandwich-ability," according to one editor, and another said it was the perfect butter for eating straight off a spoon. Another said the "stick" was just right; not too much gets stuck to your mouth, but it's not too watery either.

You know what I love (aside from Trader Joe's)? Almond butter. navigate the manic mishmash on a grocery store's shelves these days?!.
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What took me so long to make almond butter? Homemade almond butter is ultra thick and creamy, and it tastes like warm, freshly roasted almonds. I blend a tiny bit of cinnamon, vanilla and maple syrup into mine to make it taste extra special. Why not? Homemade almond butter is more affordable, too. The math is simple. One pound of almonds yields one pound of almond butter or 16 ounces , which is the size of the standard almond butter jar at the store.

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Almond Butter

Check These Aisles…. Trying to find almond butter in the grocery store?

How to Make Almond Butter

Home Welcome, Guest! Naturally Nutty Blog. Blog Home. Easy to spread on a cracker or a banana or thinned to use as a base for a soup or sauce, organic almond butter is an incredibly popular and versatile alternative to that other nut butter you can easily find on every grocery shelf. Not only is it packed with flavor but the nutritional content is a cut above your average nut butter.


The Best Almond Butter You Can Buy at the Grocery Store





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