Can you put regular water in windshield wiper fluid

Windshield Wiper Fluid vs Tap Water

can you put regular water in windshield wiper fluid

Why I use windshield washer fluid and not water

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Formulated to remove grime and bugs, windshield washer fluid is a mixture of solvent, detergent and antifreeze agents. Used in conjunction with a pump and windshield wipers, washer fluid can be sprayed onto the windshield when the vehicle is in motion or stationary. Some washer fluids are designed to be diluted with water, whereas others are intended to be used full strength and others are sold in powder form to be mixed by the consumer. When water is added, distilled water is recommend for mixing with washer fluid as tap water often contains minerals that can clog washer jets and leave deposits on glass. With billions of gallons of washer fluid being sold every year, environmental groups have voiced concerns over the use of chemicals in washer fluid as, ultimately, anything sprayed on a car windshield ends up in the water table. Additionally, chemicals added to washer fluid to prevent freezing and are harmful when inhaled, a concern whenever toxic substances become aerosolized. Because of this manufactures have begun using less toxic isopropanol alcohol to prevent winter freeze ups.

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It may seem logical to just refill with water. However, is plain water acceptable to refill your windshield wiper fluid tank? If you live in a place where the temperatures do not drop below freezing. There are still risks with using just plain water. Also, windshield wiper fluids are specially formulated to ensure that all of the internal parts of the system are protected and lubricated which translates to the life of the system. This means that you can avoid costly repairs by using windshield washer fluid approved for your vehicle. Windshield wiper fluids are specifically made to clean your windshield and are better at cleaning than just general tap water.

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Show less Windshield washing fluid is an important part of maintaining your car. Most commercial windshield cleaners contain methanol, a poisonous chemical dangerous even in small amounts. Custom washing fluids are also easy to make out of ordinary household ingredients and save money in the long run. To make windshield washer fluid, dilute a cup of glass window cleaner in 1 gallon of distilled water.

Windshield Wiper Fluid or Water?

Report: Water as windshield wiper fluid causes 20% of Legionnaires' Disease cases in UK

With all the costs that come with maintaining a vehicle, it makes sense to save money wherever you can. Keep reading to learn which choice is best. If your city has a warm climate, you might get away with replacing wiper fluid with regular water. However, there are downsides. If your city has a colder climate, water is an absolute no-no; it freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and can freeze the lines and the tank, damaging your washer system. That blue windshield wiper fluid that you buy off the shelf contains a toxic chemical: methanol. This is an understandable safety concern.

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PSA: Don't use water in your windshield wiper fluid reservoir






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