Can you touch baby bunnies

When Can You Handle Baby Rabbits?

can you touch baby bunnies

How to Know if a Rabbit is Taking Care of Her Babies - The SR Rabbit Update 3-6-18

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With spring in full bloom, we have lots of little creatures running around. We recently had this little bun-bun in the office for treatment. What should you do if you come across a baby rabbit? Our pointers will help you help them so they can grow up into bigger bunnies and eat your hosta to the ground. First, with any injured wildlife, avoid handling the animal if you can. Note the location and what seems to be wrong then call the Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project at for more directions.

If you pick up a baby rabbit incorrectly, they could get hurt. Newborn rabbit kits are small and fragile. It can feel a bit intimidating to pick up a newborn rabbit. This is especially true with rabbits. If you handle them too roughly, or accidentally drop them, they could get injured or die.

Comer and his team offer the following advice to help baby rabbits have the best chance at survival. Eastern cottontails , the most common rabbit species in the United States, build shallow nests of grass and fur in grassy areas near bushes or trees and often right out in the open. Nests look like little piles of messy grass among the regular lawn or vegetation. Sometimes adults come across a nest, but often kids or pets are the ones to find the babies. Cover the nest and leave the babies alone. Mama rabbits are smart and visit their nests only when absolutely necessary to avoid drawing attention to it, Comer says.

What Should You Do If You Find a Bunny Nest?

I disturbed a nest of baby rabbits

So you found out or suspect that your female rabbit or doe is pregnant. Now what? You should know a few things in order to prepare the doe and her cage for the pregnancy, as well as how to help ensure the health of the newborn baby rabbits or kits. To care for newborn rabbits, make sure they're nursing from their mother for the first 8 weeks after they're born. If they're not nursing, contact a vet immediately so they can help. Also, start to introduce pellet food 2 weeks after the rabbits are born so they start to wean off of milk. Try to handle the newborn rabbits as little as possible during the first 8 weeks.

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