Can you pee while you have a tampon in

Tampons: questions & misconceptions

can you pee while you have a tampon in

Find out from our panel of experts how to pee with a tampon in and whether or not you can pee while wearing a tampon!.

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How do you insert a tampon, can you pee with it in, can you flush it? Will it fall out? So many questions that seem awkward to ask. A tampon is an absorbent material compressed. You insert it in your vaginal opening where it soaks up any blood that comes out from your period.

Tampons are a popular menstrual product choice for women during their periods. They offer greater freedom to exercise, swim, and play sports than pads. Your tampon goes inside your vagina. It seems like a tampon might block the flow of urine. Both the urethra and the vagina are covered by larger lips labia majora , which are folds of tissue. When you gently open those folds Tip: Use a mirror. Unless you have a urinary tract infection UTI , your urine is sterile bacteria-free.

You think you know all of the tampon rules, but you could be wrong. Here, the common mistakes people make while using them and what to do to keep your vagina free of infection and feeling good. Washing your hands before you get all up in there helps prevent contaminating your tampon on its way to your vagina, says Alyssa Dweck , M. You'll know because you'll feel it: A too-shallow tampon will be super uncomfortable — you may even feel the cotton edge at the entrance to the vagina, Dr. Dweck says.

15 Ways You’re Using Tampons Wrong

Clue is on a mission to help you understand your body, periods, ovulation, and so much more. Start tracking today. Since their invention, tampons have been the subject of moral panic, health scares, tax protests and ridiculous advertising.




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