Can you chromecast apple music

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can you chromecast apple music

Google Home Can Play Apple Music or iTunes

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Have music saved on your computer? After you've set up your Chromecast , here's how you can listen to music using Google Play Music. With Music Manager, you can upload music from any music folder on your desktop including iTunes and Windows Media Player to Google Play and immediately start casting your top tunes to your TV or speakers. You can even upload your iTunes library to your Android device so your complete music collection is available in one spot. No syncing required! Learn how to download and install Music Manager and get casting. It can be a good idea to keep the music player open when listening to music on Chromecast with your computer.

Good news for Apple Music users on Android: the music streaming service now works with Chromecast displays and speakers. The feature is available through the latest beta of the app. If there's a compatible Chromecast-enabled gizmo on the same network as the device you're using to play music, you'll see a cast icon in the app. You can pick which Chromecast device you stream music to and control playback from your phone or tablet. It works with Chromecast, Google Home and Assistant-compatible speakers.

It drives me crazy, I am eager to find some workaround to make it possible. Apple Music , which has more than 27 million of subscribers all over the world till , is missing from the lineup. Since Apple Music was announced in , and it has passed 2 years till now, Apple Music still does not support the Chromecast Audio device. I will not wait and I gonna find the solution myself. The answer is YES.

Damien Wilde. While Apple Music might not be the most popular music streaming service on Android, the latest beta update adds Chromecast support for streaming your playlists, radio stations, and more. Apple appears to be playing nicely with Android in this update, having just added a dedicated dark mode for the Android version of the music-streaming app in the previous beta release. While having a dedicated dark mode is nice, being able to stream your collections to your Google Home, Nest Hub, and Chromecast devices is arguably a much more notable inclusion via Android Police. The cast icon will usually just appear in the upper right of the app when you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as a Chromecast-compatible speaker or TV. You can just tap and choose which device you want to stream to, and the speaker or device will take over. Once connected, you can control all of your Apple Music playlists from your phone, or alternatively using voice commands that utilize the Google Assistant.

Apple could be gearing up to bring Chromecast streaming to its Apple Music app. Apple has done a fairly decent job of keeping Apple Music for Android up to date. It does have to wait a little longer to get new features and improvements after they have arrived on iOS, but it does get them eventually. Chromecast support will allow you to stream music from your Android device to any compatible speaker, Smart TV, and more. The ability to cast music videos should also be available.

Some digging of code by 9to5Google suggests that might well be the case. Apple Music is already available on Android and works well, but you can't cast from it. Apple is working on updating the app at the moment; the recent 2. New bug-busting releases to the Google Play store 2. In the music space, one of Spotify's key strengths is its availability on as many devices as possible.

How to Cast Apple Music to Chromecast Audio

Windows Products. Apple Music Converter Windows Try.

Is Apple Music coming to Chromecast and Google Home?







Apple Music for Android works with Chromecast devices in the latest beta




Many Apple Music users may wonder how to play Apple Music tracks on Chromecast Audio. Fortunately, in this article, we're going to provide a simple solution.
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