Can i rent a car for someone else

?Can I book a rental car for someone else?

can i rent a car for someone else

Can I use another person's credit card for my car rental?

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Can you rent a car for someone else? This is because one of the requirements to rent a car that most car rental companies enforce is the renter must show up, in person, to sign the rental agreement and provide a form of payment in their own name typically a credit card, although there are some car rental companies that let you pay with cash. But there are other ways that you can involve other people in your car rental. Most car companies allow you to add additional drivers also called authorized drivers to the rental contract. Additional drivers must generally meet the same requirements as the renter and must show up in person to sign the rental contract.

Thinking of sharing the driving? You may want to add an additional driver to your rental car. Here's everything you need to know about adding extra drivers. In most cases, you can add up to three additional drivers per car sometimes even more. The main driver is the person who is legally responsible for the car, and who signs the contract usually called the rental agreement. Usually, this is the person who made the booking. It depends on the rental company.

I do not have a Credit card and prefer not to use my debit as i have heard, they take a while to give the deposit back, Can I rent the car with cash or atleast use someone else's Credit card? I can show their ID proof documents too.. What Car rentals allow such things? In San Diego area. But I've never heard of one that will do cash. Basically, they need to have access to secure a larger amount than the daily rate in case there are extra charges incurred by an accident, damage, insurance, tolls, etc. Cash is okay, if you can cover the amount they need.

Scott founded Rhinocarhire. Travel writer, car rental guru, Phil has rented cars all over the world and shares his knowledge and experience on the Rhinocarhire. Favourite country to visit: France. Car Hire Blog. October There might be a time when you need or want to book and pay for a rental car for someone else, so all they have to do is turn up, sign the paperwork, pick up the keys and drive off.

The reasons why people rent cars are varied. The answer depends on the circumstances. You can make the reservation and fill in the required documentation on behalf of someone else; however, the details need to be in the name of the driver. An example of this would be a secretary organizing a rental for their employer. These are standard requests that car rental firms make to potential renters.


No Credit Card Required To Rent a Car!

Can I pay for the rental of a car for another individual?.
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