Can black people have freckles

#SkinSchool: The truth about freckles, melasma and hyperpigmentation

can black people have freckles

Can black people have freckles? We answer this question and explain what causes freckles and how freckles might look on different kinds of.

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Do you have freckles? If you don't, chances are you probably know someone who does. But what are they exactly? Freckles appear on the skin as small tan or light brown spots. While they usually appear on the face , they can also be found on any skin exposed to the Sun , such as the neck and shoulders. Freckles are natural and not harmful.

This time of year, after traveling For some people, it also brings out their frecklesthose flat, brownish marks on the skin that are about millimeters in diameter. These little spots tend to run in families, which suggests that freckles can be inherited. But which is it? Do they come from the sun, or from our genetics? To understand how freckles come to be, it helps to know about the MC1R gene.

Some say freckles come from the kiss of an angel. But we know where most of them really come from. They come from genes. And the sun. Freckles are spots usually seen on people with fair or light skin.

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How Freckled Black Women Are Rewriting the Pippi Longstocking Mystique


The genetics of a freckle

For some people, freckles are a cosmetic obstacle. For others, they're a hot fashion accessory. But what causes the skin sprinkles that some people call "angel's kisses"? Basically, it's all in your genesand the sun. Melanin shows up when ultraviolet radiation UV hits the skin. UV is damaging, and melanin protects the skin from that damage by darkening itthink of it like your skin slipping on a pair of shades.

Almost all of us have freckles, some more than others. Many of us are too dark for them to be seen, but they are very visible in those with a fair complexion. Even though they cover our whole body, most of us know almost nothing about them. The answer is no! This because of how freckles are formed on the body.

And they have been around for a long time: fossils found recently in China show that even some dinosaurs had freckled colouring. But what are they? And why do some people have a light dusting, if any, while others are covered from ear to ear? Freckles are caused by an uneven distribution of the tanning pigment melanin, which is produced by specialised cells in the skin after exposure to sunlight or artificial UV light. A freckle turns up in patches where there is a higher level of melanin than the surrounding skin, and the small, flat tanned area is particularly noticeable on a fair complexion.

Freckles are clusters of concentrated melaninized cells which are most easily visible on people with a fair complexion. Freckles do not have an increased number of the melanin-producing cells, or melanocytes , but instead have melanocytes that overproduce melanin granules melanosomes changing the coloration of the outer skin cells keratinocytes.

From SZA to's own Chioma Nnadi, freckled black women But freckle folklore has rarely been associated with darker skin he says, the reality of who exactly will develop a smattering of spots may not always be so obvious. strange to realize that most people don't have these strange dots all.
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    The truth about freckles | Difference between freckles, melasma and hyperpigmentation

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    All those freckle-related urban legends are not true

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    For something so commonplace, freckles can be a contentious topic.

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