Who can perform a baptism

Emergency baptism

who can perform a baptism

Does the Bible provide any details regarding who can perform a baptism? While it does not offer specific rules, there are some guidelines that can be helpful.


Jump to navigation. There is nothing in the Bible that states who can or cannot perform baptisms. But, generally speaking, it is the accepted manner to have clergy do them. One of the reasons is because the elders are the ones who are in charge in the church. They're the ones who rule and teach 1 Timothy

Answer: There is nothing in the Bible that states who can and cannot baptize someone. If such a simple ceremony was forbidden to be carried out except by those who serve God fulltime, then one would be hard pressed to explain one of the greatest events that occurred on the day of Pentecost! When we take a closer look at the church's first celebration of Pentecost, we find it would have been impossible for a small group of men the apostles to have been able to baptize several thousand people in a single day! Peter, on Pentecost, started speaking at about AM Acts When he finished, God caused about three thousand people to repent of their sins and request someone baptize them Acts Assuming his sermon took about an hour leaves us with about eight hours of daylight left in the day minutes. If the twelve apostles were the only ones baptizing on Pentecost this would mean each of them would have to perform a baptism on people.

An emergency baptism is a baptism administered to a person in danger of death. This can be done by a person not normally authorized to administer the sacraments. Philosophy, theology, and fundamental theory of canon law. Juridic and physical persons. Associations of the faithful.

The Bible clearly teaches us the proper purpose of baptism: baptism is for the remission of sins, so sins can be washed away by the blood of Jesus Acts ; ; Mark ; Rom. The Bible also clearly teaches who should be baptized: to be baptized one should be old enough to understand God's will and accept for himself the responsibility to believe and repent, making a commitment to serve God faithfully Acts ; Mark , The Bible is likewise clear about the action involved in baptism: baptism is a burial or immersion in water Rom. But what about the person who does the baptizing? Some churches require that a person have some special qualifications before they can perform a baptism.

Where does the Catholic Church stand in baptizing someone yourself with out a priest being present? If a child hasn't been baptized and a grandmother is worried that something may happen to the child before she is ever baptized, can she do it? The Rite for Christian Initiation of which Baptism is a part is clear that while a parish celebration is the norm and highly preferred, Baptism should be administered in danger of death and this might mean a lay person will have to do it. In a case simply of danger of death the sacrament should be administered, if possible, by a member of the faithful according to one of the shorter rites provided for this situation. You can see that health of the person to be baptized precludes that person from receiving baptism under normal means.

Most Catholic baptisms, whether of adults or of infants, take place in a Catholic church. Like all of the sacraments , the Sacrament of Baptism is not merely an individual event but is intimately tied to the broader Christian community—the Body of Christ, which is found in its fullness in the Catholic Church. That is why the Catholic Church places a great deal of emphasis on the church as the location in which we receive the sacraments. For instance, in most cases, priests are not allowed to assist at the marriage of two Catholics unless that wedding takes place in a Catholic church. The location itself is a sign of the faith of the couple and a signal that they are entering the sacrament with the right intent. Does the location where a baptism is performed make a difference? Yes and no.

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Who can baptize people?





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    Question: Can anyone baptize a person, meaning someone who is not considered an "ordained" minister? Answer: There is nothing in the Bible that states who can and cannot baptize someone. When he finished, God caused about three thousand people to repent of their sins and request.

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