Can you freeze urine for a drug test

Frozen Urine

can you freeze urine for a drug test

The reason is that you will not be able to use this urine for the drug test. Can I use 2 weeks old (clean) urine for a first check home drug test? using whatever you need to use out of the bottle and then re-freezing what is left.

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I have a friend that gets tested and passes on a regular bases. Shes smokes weed on a schedule like its her job. Claims that her system is so saturated with THC it would take her a year to cleanse and I believe her. First, I hate using substitute urine. Reliable detoxes made for marijuana are always my personal goto. But I know, some people can stay clean for months and still test positive.

Discussion in ' Urine Testing ' started by knotme66 , Feb 12, Log in or Sign up. Marijuana Forums. Hello all I doubt very few will know much about this but

May 15, Do you have a drug test coming up? Artificial urine can work after freezing and thawing, but since this process has some room for error, it is.
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There are different reasons as to why preserving urine may be necessary. You may need it for future personal use, or your physician has asked for an at-home sample. One of the more common reasons why people decide to preserve human urine is to use it as a drug test sample because they did something naughty during a weekend two weeks ago. Remember that urine is considered a biohazardous material, which means that it can be a risk for our health and thus should be treated as such. Gloves are highly recommended, but not a necessity.

Any products described are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Website Disclosure: This forum contains general information about diet, health and nutrition. The information is not advice and is not a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional. Preparing for potential drug test with frozen urine - thoughts? Tags: drug test frozen lab urinalysis urine. Joined: Jun 28, Messages: Likes Received: I have just heard too much about quick fix not working under certain circumstances so I feel a lot better just freezing my own urine, so I have devised a plan based on my research and would love to hear any thoughts, ideas, tips, concerns etc.

Discussion in ' Toke N Talk ' started by dzp , Nov 10, Log in or Sign up. Question about freezing urine. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I was looking through the forums list and this seemed like the best place to ask this. First off I want to apologize if this has already been asked.

Frozen Urine Question

Question about freezing urine.

Do you have a urine test coming up? Using frozen urine may increase your chances of passing. Other options you have include a synthetic product or pee from someone else. You must follow the process of freezing, thawing, and storing urine correctly to prevent bacterial growth, temperature fails, and the inclusion of sediment. Passing a test with this method may seem like a challenge, especially since you likely only have one chance.

Sometimes, freezing urine for an upcoming piss drug test and thawing it once the time is right may be a good option to pass it. Ideally right before your test, but the day before is also fine. That said, freezing pee is still a valid strategy that can work to pass your test. The main things to keep in mind when freezing the urine sample is to do it as soon as possible. Ideally, it should go straight into the freezer after exiting the body. This is because bacteria quickly start growing in the urine once it comes in contact with our surrounding air. In the freezer, your sample can be good for many months granted you did the other steps correctly.








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    Sometimes, freezing urine for an upcoming piss drug test and thawing it once the time is right may be a good option to pass it. As I've mentioned before however.

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