Things i can do at 18

The Toddler Years Must Do List

things i can do at 18


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My name is Tatiana, but my friends and family call me Tutta. I like writing articles that help bring people closer together. Oh, the anticipation of turning the ripe old age of 18! Now, as an adult, you can do all of the things you wanted to as a child. You could turn to a few friends for advice—the ones who have already turned 18 and know the drill.

When your teen turns 18, suddenly people start throwing around the word “adult” in reference to Here are all the things teens can do when they turn
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Turning eighteen is a big deal! Read these following exciting things that you can do once you turn eighteen and start having the time of your life as soon as possible! You are an adult now and that means you are given the freedom of making adult decisions. You can finally help save a life by donating your blood! There are many people in need of blood every single day. Be a hero and go get poked!

Share celebrity photos or facts. Turning 18 is one of the most important milestones in anyone's life. The 'child' tag disappears and people start seeing you in a different light. Yes, you'll always be a child to your parents, but you will notice a difference in their behavior too. As adolescents, you were always told what to do, when to do it, and also how to do it.

18 things you can (legally) do when you turn 18

30 Exciting Things That You Can do Once You Turn 18

Turning 18 is that long-awaited time when you become legal and can do all the things you once hoped or dreamed to do as you watched the grownups around you. What you may not realize is that being 18 also comes with its share of responsibilities. You can do that now. No problem. Being 18 means you are responsible for your own decisions, and that includes what you want to do to your body. You can finally be a responsible adult who helps the community. Well, sort of.

Why not get those good times rolling with this bucket list of things to do before you turn 18? Read on for all the fun! Learning to drive and getting your license will give you that freedom you've always wanted. Be sure to drive safely! Nothing really tops rocking out to your favorite band live in person. Now is the time to break out of that comfort zone. Follow a recipe from start to finish and you may be blown away by your own culinary skills.

Life's legally barren before the age of 18, right? While many rights are restricted to those who've hit adulthood in America, people who are younger, particularly in the 16 to year-old range, have some surprising options, particularly when it comes to their own health. The trip from child to adult isn't as clearly delineated at 18 as you might think; alongside the right to work, which is the biggest legal right you get before age 18 , there are various other ways in which you can take control of your life before the big , from organ donation to in-patient care for mental health issues. The biggest way in which legal minor rights have entered the headlines over the last 12 months is voting rights: San Francisco, for instance, saw a measure that would allow year-olds and upwards eligible to vote defeated, and the conversation about their eligibility continues to happen elsewhere in the States. Like many of these kinds of arguments, they tend to focus on whether year-olds are mentally adult enough to be trusted to make sophisticated decisions like voting, or if they're still not sufficiently developed. It's an interesting question, but if you're 16 and frustrated, you may like to know that there are certain ways in which you're more able to take control of your destiny than is immediately obvious.


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