All you can eat sushi oahu

Kats Sushi is all you can order - Kats Sushi

all you can eat sushi oahu

CUTOFF at All You Can Eat (AYCE) Sushi Restaurant - NO SUSHI FOR YOU!!!

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As of August , this is the only all you can order sushi place in Honolulu. All you can eat sushi places are extremely rare to non-existent in Honolulu. I even asked many of the locals if they knew any other places like Kats. Its a small restaurant and the menu is not that big. For you sushi fans who like to order teriyaki or beef along with your all you can eat sushi, there are no meat options. This place is open for lunch and dinner.

This is a tiny place, so reserve! The selection is not huge, but well-made. The owners were very friendly. The best sushi place! We love, love, love Kat's. They only serve nigiri and hand rolls but that is perfectly fine with us. BYOB too!

Great sushi. BUT you have to eat all or no more servings! BYOB place which is nice to decide what you want. Make reservations!!!! Worth a trip to it. Went on a Tuesday. Place was packed upon opening!

Kats Sushi, Honolulu

Kaku's All-You-Can-Eat Sushi & Crab


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