Can lemon juice cure hiv

Does lemon juice help kill the HIV virus?

can lemon juice cure hiv

Oct 10, Laboratory tests show that lemon juice is a potent destroyer of both as lemon juice can inactivate both sperm and HIV has been known for.

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Further, while going through the Internet I came to know that there was a field trial going on in Thailand to study the efficacy of lemon juice in combating AIDS. Could you please elaborate on the same? Is this study related to the prevention of infection or treatment of infected people? What is the hope that this study has in store of HIV infected people? A: Sorry, I do not know anything about the use of lemon juice in the practical management of HIV infection. However HIV is a very fragile virus outside the body and it is quite likely that it will be killed by something as highly acidic as lemon juice.

HIV infection is the greatest health crisis in human history. Five new methods are discussed. Intravaginal lime or lemon juice has been used for centuries as a traditional contraceptive. The juice can also kill HIV in the laboratory, but clinical trials are needed to see if vaginal application is acceptable, safe and effective. Monkeys can be protected from Simian immunodeficiency virus SIV infection by keratinizing the vagina with topical oestrogen.

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Eleanor Hall hosts The World Today's lunch hour of current affairs, with background and debate from Australia and the world. This is a transcript from The World Today. Tomorrow, an international conference in South Africa will hear about the latest research from Melbourne, which has found that acids in the humble fruit could provide a cheap remedy to halt the spread of the virus, which has now infected 40 million people worldwide. She's been speaking to Tanya Nolan. I think they jury is still out on that. I am certainly excited about the prospect of approaches to preventing HIV that are quite natural and simple rather than hi-tech, because I think in terms of the global epidemic of HIV we need really simple answers to help the majority of the world confronting HIV avoid infection.

Lemons And Hiv

Updated July 12, Prayers for a vaginal gel to kill the AIDS virus, thus protecting millions of women from infected sex partners, may be answered by




Feb 3, The juice can also kill HIV in the laboratory, but clinical trials are Keywords: HIV /AIDS prevention, natural microbicides, lemon and lime juice, is never more true than in the case of HIV/AIDS, where there is no cure in sight.
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    Oct 10, The basic principle, that acids - such as lemon juice - can inactivate both sperm and HIV, has been known for some years. Indeed, lemon juice.

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