Can i use paypal to pay for an airline ticket

Never again I will use Paypal to buy plane tickets - Air Travel Forum

can i use paypal to pay for an airline ticket

How to Add Money to PayPal from Bank Account


Booking travel to take advantage of a flash sale or expiring travel deal is a pretty stressful endeavor. The good news is that PayPal has several participating business partners who accept the payment service for bookings on travel like flights, hotels, cruises and vacations. Just be sure to read up on the specifics for each site, as some will accept PayPal for certain purchases, and not others. This article has been updated to reflect that some sites accept PayPal for specific travel purchases, but not all travel purchases. US Edition. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

People book the majority of their travel online these days. Booking and paying for travel online can literally take hours of your time. Search through various websites to check flight prices, scouring the best deals for hotels, pouring over Airbnb listings. When it comes time to pay for your travels online, what do you do? Whip out the credit card or debit card and furiously key in a bunch of numbers?

Start spending less time checking out and more time getting away.

Over the last years Paypal has firmly established itself as a mainstream online payment provider with millions of users worldwide. - Looking to pay for flights via PayPal?





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