Fat boys can you feel it

Can You Feel It

fat boys can you feel it

Fat Boys - The Fat Boys

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One of early rap's most successful acts, the Fat Boys parlayed a combined weight of over pounds into a comic novelty act that sustained them through several albums and hit singles. The trio changed their name and recorded a series of good-time party anthems and songs humorously exploiting their weight; their first few records were produced by Kurtis Blow and feature fusions of hip-hop with reggae and rock. The Fat Boys hit their commercial peak with 's platinum LP Crushin', a collection of entertaining party tunes that included a hit collaboration with the Beach Boys, "Wipeout. The group tried to expand their artistic and street credibility with the ill-advised "rap opera" On and On, which promptly stiffed and prefaced the group's breakup. Robinson died of a heart attack in December

Album was produced by Kurtis Blow.
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They won the competition with the song "Stick 'Em", a song which musically consists primarily of Buffy's famous beatboxing. After winning the record contract their manager was looking for a way to promote the group and he managed to get them an appearance in a commercial for the newly founded Swiss watch company Swatch. The commercial appeared on MTV which wasn't playing any hip-hop at the time so their manager was happy to have them featured despite receiving no pay for their appearance. The Disco Three changed their name after their manager suggested that they change their name to the Fat Boys after he received an inflated food bill at the hotel while on tour. With the double meaning of fat as in "phat", and fat as in they were actual fat boys, so needless to say the name stuck. The Fat Boys were proteges of Kurtis Blow who produced this debut record which begins with the dope and hilarious "Jail House Rap" where they rap about going to jail for various food-related crimes.

Can ya Can ya feel it? I can feel it Parum pum pum Can ya I can feel it Feel this drum.


Fat Boys - Can You Feel It? Lyrics

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    They could also be seen on televisions across America via a series of commercials for Swatch watches a successful marketing move orchestrated by manager Charlie Stettler and a episode of Miami Vice.

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    VHSrip from original "Fat Boys - BRRR, Watch 'Em!" VHS () Remastered audio.

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    Here are the Fat Boys with this cool 12" Can You Feel It. Listen to Darren Robinson with his amazing, pronounced Human Beat Box sound!!.

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