Can you hit the back of the head in ufc

Are you allowed to punch someone in the back in UFC?

can you hit the back of the head in ufc

illegal hits in MMA History

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Log in or Sign up. Are you allowed to punch someone in the back in UFC? Are you? GuanoApes , Mar 11, Joined: Jan 29, Messages: 5, Likes Received: 4, No you can't.

Many fans of MMA can find themselves unfamiliar with the rules. Those people couldn't be more wrong, as MMA now has many, many rules about what is and isn't allowed. The rules cover everything from strikes that are or are not allowed, conduct inside the cage that isn't allowed and even attire that isn't allowed—I'm talking to you, Dennis Hallman. If a fighter is hit with a shot—and the ref sees and stops the action—the fighter is given up to five minutes to recover. If the fighter is unable to recover after the given time, the fight can end in a DQ loss for the striker, or it could be called a no-contest.

Log in or Sign up. Ive heard alot of mixed ideas about this, and I have heard people saying that strikes behind the ear are illegal, which is totally wrong. He knows the rules better than anyone obviously. The best way to describe it is if you take the soft spot on the top of your head towards the back of the skull and draw a line from there, straight down to the base of the spine, that line with about an inch on each side is illegal, everything else is fair game. So basically a line the width of a piece of duct tape. HelioKnows , Apr 15, PsychoIcon likes this.

We take your feedback seriously and have used that information to make key updates. This is it, the biggest gameplay update so far. A long-standing request from the community has been to add the ability to knock your opponent down with their back to the Octagon cage, going into a seated position where you can finish the fight.
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A rabbit punch is a blow to the back of the head or to the base of the skull. A rabbit punch can also detach the victim's brain from the brain stem, [ citation needed ] which can kill instantly. The punch's name is derived from the use of the technique by hunters to kill rabbits with a quick, sharp strike to the back of the head. The rabbit punch is illegal in boxing , [3] MMA , [4] and other combat sports [5] that involve striking. The only exceptions are no-holds-barred events such as the International Vale Tudo Championship prior to rule changes in mid On June 29, , soccer referee John Bieniewicz was punched in the neck by Baseel Abdul Amir Saad, an upset player in an amateur match he was officiating in Livonia, Michigan , a suburb of Detroit. Bieniewicz died two days later of his injuries, and Saad was charged with second-degree murder.


MMA Rules: 10 Most Illegal Moves


Rabbit punch



The ACTUAL back of the head rule.



Exactly what constitutes an illegal strike to the back of the head? What I do know is that Yamasaki was not out of position during the finish and.
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    The Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts MMA aim to provide a clear set of rules governing professional MMA competition that remain consistent across the jurisdictions of various athletic commissions and other regulatory bodies.

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