Where can i find my e zpass account number

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where can i find my e zpass account number

I haven't logged into my account in a long time and apparently they have changed websites in the meantime. Since I don't have paper statements, I don't think I.

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Has your business closed a delivery route that traveled along a toll road or bridge? Closing the E-ZPass account or shutting down the transponder associated with the vehicle will ensure your business properly accounts for equipment and doesn't face any unnecessary charges in the future. If you do not have a customer service center nearby to close your account in person, terminate your account by mailing a form to the appropriate agency. Under the FAQs on the website or your account directory, find a link specifying instructions for closing your account. These services allow you to handle the closure through the mail but require the submission of a dedicated form that requires, at a minimum, your account number, name and address.

Kevin T. Vine was not much amused when he went to the MassDOT page for recovering his E-ZPass number only to see that "account number" is a required field to recover it. He adds :. I actually just spoke to a Cust Svc rep at MassGov who said they're aware of it but doing nothing. I didn't have my account number, only my transponder number.

The Bureau of Turnpikes offers introductory answers to frequently asked questions received by our office. Any links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on our Web site or from other sources. Should you have any further questions, please consult our Contact Us page. What is E-ZPass and how does it work? I sometimes pull a camper or trailer with my vehicle. Can I still use E-ZPass? Where can I find out more about E-ZPass?

Lost or Stolen E-ZPass Tags

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Crazed state form for recovering lost E-ZPass account number in I didn't have my account number, only my transponder number.
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