I got scammed on ebay what can i do

eBay Buyer Beware: What to do if you’re scammed on eBay

i got scammed on ebay what can i do


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Hi everyone. I sell on Ebay, and going through the Ebay seller forums, many sellers complain about getting scammed by dishonest buyers ex: item not received, item not as described, etc. Some of these sellers want to leave Ebay and come to Amazon, so I was wondering if Amazon allows buyers to scam their sellers the way it happens on Ebay? And, of course, of giving buyers a decisive advantage in transactional terms returns within X number of days, no questions asked, etc. If you cannot afford to lose your entire investment in the most expensive item you are selling, you may not find it practicable to do business here. It makes no difference where you sell. Online or in a brick and mortar store You are going to get scammed.

Bid, pay, and wait. And so I waited. Tick-tock, tick-tock. I figured the package was delayed since the sale was international, and holiday parcel delivery was slow. Oh well, no present under the tree for my sweetie. Were the jeans stuck in customs?

Good luck! In I won the Solar winds sysadmin contest with a funny story from my first job. Comic strip about sysadmin contest story. Since then I have repeatedly tried to use or sell them but since I'm not currently living in the US it wasn't possible for me. My last attempt to sell them was via reddit. So I thought Bitcoin would be the right choice since the scammer can't just reclaim their money after I gave them the card codes. His usernames are changed for reasons you'll find out later.

Is there anything else I can do? What are the chances for me to get my money? Item got delivered to physical location in the US, will police actually go to.
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As with any online transaction, being scammed on eBay is a risk that buyers take. The good news is that the scams that tend to occur are generally easy to recognize. Here are some common indicators of eBay scams that you should watch for in order to help you to avoid being a victim:. In most cases, when you see a listing that says you must contact the seller for permission before placing a bid or your bid or the sale will be canceled, you're likely dealing with a scammer. When you make contact, this "seller" will respond with an offer of some kind, and people who accept this offer will quickly be separated from their money, personal information, or worse. Don't email before you bid, because if a transaction happens outside of eBay, you lose any protections to which you'd otherwise be entitled. Sellers that seem to be advertising large quantities of highly priced "untested" items are generally selling junk for the price of nonjunk—and getting away with it.

In an age where the bulk of informal market trading happens online, eBay is a pioneer. If you are an avid user of eBay, most of your experiences have probably been great! However, there is always the chance that you will be scammed, and, no matter how rare this chance is, you should be prepared for it. Here are a couple of different ways to avoid being scammed when buying or selling on eBay. Look for details about the person selling the object. Find any comments about the seller on eBay and look to see if they have a positive rating.

Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. If you bought an item from someone and they supposedly shipped it, deleting their account about 3 weeks later, could it still be a legit order? I've noticed this one account I bought from had positive feedback, nothing neutral or negative, but I'm aware that even with positive remarks a person could still be a scam artist. How does ebay handle scams? Recently, I've been dealing with scams on ebay. It's amazing because these people are appearing everywhere to rip your average buyer and seller off.

How a scammer stole 500$ from me and in the end begged me not to tell his parents

Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. Not really happy to have to write this message.

I got scammed on eBay, what can I do now?

Often times scammers can be easy enough identify and avoid , but we don't always have our guards up and some are more clever than others. If you fall victim to an eBay scam, it's not the end of the world. Here are a few things you can do to try and fix the situation. Frugal living blog SquawkFox has a few suggestions for dealing with the unfortunate problem of being scammed by an eBay buyer. First, you're going to need to contact the seller and try to resolve things yourself as eBay will not help you if you do not do this. Assuming that fails, you're going to want to report the problem to eBay , as well as PayPal if that's how you paid , so everything is official and the long resolution process can begin. Make sure you do this within 45 days of payment and also be sure your purchase is covered by eBay's buyer protection policies.


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    Often times scammers can be easy enough identify and avoid, but we don't always have our guards up and some are more clever than others.

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    Solved: What happens to sellers that scam people? - The eBay Community

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