Can you be a security guard with a dui


can you be a security guard with a dui

"Arrest that security guard!"

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Security guards serve to guard and protect, much like a police officer. According to dictionary. Like a lot of other jobs, background checks are usually conducted while obtaining your license or becoming employed. Certain charges will keep you from being able to be a security guard. In the United States, most states require a security guard to be licensed, according to Vital Ethics, a company that provides online basic and advanced life support continuing education programs. Additionally, background checks may be done at time of employment.

Welcometoflorida15 in Flagler Beach, Florida said: because each company still does a criminal background check, there are a whole bunch of disqualifying Felonies and Misdemeanors, it does not matter that you have a Security License, there are NO guarantees that you will get a job BigDon36 in Los Angeles, California. I have been working in Security for 5years in the "Great" state of CA. I have to break it to you easy. Now I know of some people who optained a CA-Guard card with some convictions on their record I think non-abusive type stuff and they are working unarmed security.

If one person has a felony record, they can apply to their appropriate state agency for a rehabilitation certificate. The following seven states offer certificates of rehabilitation or Certificate of Clemency or other similar methods for removing occupational restrictions due to felony or misdemeanor records:.
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Do you already work in the security industry, or are you considering a career in the field? Whether you are currently employed or looking for work, you will need to have a security licence for most security-related occupations. If you are currently facing criminal charges, you may be concerned about how a criminal conviction or AVO will affect getting a licence, or the status of your current licence. A security licence is required for a number of security industry occupations, including:. Security licences are categorised according to the specific occupation.

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