When can baby use walker

At What Age Your Baby Can Use a Walker?

when can baby use walker

When is a right time to introduce a walker?

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Now that your baby is showing rapid signs of growth, you must be keen to see it take its first steps. To help him along this path of discovery and freedom, you may want to encourage him by bringing home a walker. Walkers usually are designed for babies between the ages of 4 to 16 months. But apart from this, the baby needs to be able to hold his own head up quite steadily, and have his feet touch the floor to be able to use a walker. The natural process of rolling over , crawling, standing and then walking teaches a baby how to balance itself. When you allow the baby to use a walker, walking on toes can seem natural to the baby.

In Canada, the sale of baby walkers is banned. Because baby walkers are dangerous. According to a study in the journal Pediatrics , between and , more than , children less than 15 months of age were treated in US emergency departments for injuries related to walkers. The majority of injuries happen when children fall down stairs in a walker, usually injuring their head or neck, sometimes seriously. Children in walkers can get their fingers caught, pull things down on themselves, or grab dangerous things such as sharp objects or hot liquids that would otherwise be out of their reach.

Some people believe that baby walkers are useful for their babies, to entertain them and help teach them to walk. This, however, is not true.
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A: Never -- I can't really recommend them for children of any age. Walkers give non-walking babies the ability to "drive" without a license! Without constant supervision, however, young children risk injuries -- falling down stairs or ending up in places you don't want them to around your house. As for toddlers and older children, they usually don't enjoy walkers since they already know how to get around independently. At what month can I put my baby in a walker? Pin FB ellipsis More.

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PARENTS and babies seem to love infant walkers, parents for the baby-tending and entertainment value of these wheeled seats and babies for being able to scoot around the house in them long before they can walk and even before they can crawl. Many parents believe that infant walkers foster the development of the motor skills needed for walking and provide mental stimulation by allowing the baby to explore a broader environment., Perkins also has extensive experience working in home health with medically fragile pediatric patients.

How many months should baby be before putting baby in walker. say not to use walkers/bouncers due to it slows developmental process.
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